The Psychology Of Stacking

The Psychology Of Stacking

Your desk may reveal more to​ your co-workers and boss than you may think. in​ fact, a​ recent survey conducted on behalf of​ a​ desktop solutions line suggests there are three distinct organizational types in​ the typical office-"pilers," "filers" and "tossers." Chances are, the person who has heaps of​ piles on the desk sits next to​ you, the obsessive filer sits across from you and the person who throws everything away is​ down the hall.

"The fact that you can never find anything on a​ co-worker's desk when you need it​ seems to​ suggest that everyone has their own system of​ organization," said Sharon Mann, organizational expert and president of​ the 100,000-member I Hate Filing Club. "This recent study supports this belief as​ it​ divides workers into three organizational types: pilers, filers and tossers. With pilers comprising the largest segment of​ the workforce, developing PileSmart-a line catering directly to​ pilers' needs-was simply the right solution."

According to​ Mann, your organizational style may actually reveal intimate details about your character. So, how do you stack up?

• Popular Pilers, the most common workplace personality (48 percent), may seem disorganized but have the ability to​ locate items quickly amongst their mountainous stacks. They are also more likely to​ own a​ dog and belong to​ the Democratic Party. Contrary to​ popular belief, professionals (including lawyers, doctors and accountants) are more than three times more likely to​ pile important papers on their desk than to​ file them away.

• Faithful Filers, at​ the opposite end of​ the spectrum, comprise more than one-third of​ the workforce and are known for appearing ultraorganized. Although they seem calm and collected, filers can sometimes act fussy and anxious. Filers are more likely to​ be uptight and most likely to​ identify with the Republican Party. For companionship, filers tend to​ flock toward birds.

• Tart Tossers, the risk takers of​ the bunch, making up 14 percent of​ the work world, throw away anything that adds clutter to​ their work area-even the important stuff. Free-spirited tossers are frequently unregistered voters. Additionally, they are more likely to​ own a​ cat, possibly because of​ their low-maintenance attitude.

"Whether a​ piler, filer or​ tosser, everyone can benefit from proper organization," added Mann. "The key to​ boosting organization in​ the long run is​ to​ set realistic goals, such as​ keeping 50 percent of​ your desk clear at​ all times. Also, choose smarter organizational solutions, such as​ those in​ the PileSmart product family, which allow users to​ 'pile smarter' without altering their organizational style."

The Psychology Of Stacking

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