The Principals Efforts In Raising Funds Through Selling Custom Backpacks

The Principals Efforts In Raising Funds Through Selling Custom Backpacks

Mrs. Kent looked around the​ quiet room,​ gauging the​ effect of​ her announcement. it​ was not that a​ big of​ a​ bombshell actually,​ but Mrs Kent could not help but feel rather pleased.

"Parents,​ please believe what i just said. Our school team has been chosen as​ representatives to​ compete in​ the​ state level competition. as​ principal,​ I must say I am very impressed with their achievements as​ they are my students,​ and your children.

“And so we need the​ money.”

Suddenly,​ everyone in​ the​ room came back into life. Every pair of​ eyes was looking at​ her intensely,​ some showing their lack of​ sympathy while some show agonizing misery. the​ awkward moment lasted more than Mrs. Kent anticipated,​ and the​ atmosphere in​ the​ room caused her to​ have the​ sudden thought of​ just running away from the​ room and hide herself. But she reminded herself again and again that she is​ the​ principal and leader of​ the​ school,​ and she has her pride to​ defend,​ and thus she sat up straight in​ her chair.

"Everyone please,​ I know how things are with the​ dilemmas in​ everyone's personal life. But always remember we are all involved in​ this together. No matter how we must find a​ way to​ raise the​ money so they can go compete. With that in​ mind,​ the​ teachers have come out with a​ brilliant idea. We can try to​ collect donations from the​ parents in​ the​ school and for the​ twenty five dollars they donate they will be given a​ backpack which has the​ team logo and slogan printed on​ it. This is​ a​ great chance for the​ school and the​ parents from the​ community to​ finally work on​ something together,​ and we owe it​ to​ ourselves to​ prove others from nearby towns wrong,​ that we actually can achieve something together here. And,​ don't you​ all think the​ kids should have this chance to​ prove themselves too?"

"So,​ let us vote to​ decide,​ everyone."

Still thinking about the​ houses that she has to​ clean by tomorrow; Sarah tries to​ pay more attention to​ the​ matter at​ hand. Thinking about the​ amount of​ money gave her he shudders. With the​ huge amount of​ people waiting for her to​ feed them,​ she knew that she can never afford to​ donate such a​ large sum of​ money. Thinking of​ other ways to​ help,​ she decided that the​ best idea is​ to​ ask some of​ her employers if​ they could help by buying the​ bag for their children. Even though she knew that it​ was the​ only way,​ she couldn't help but wince at​ the​ thought of​ facing the​ remarks of​ her employers. Most of​ them would just show unfriendliness at​ her request,​ while some would show pity at​ her request. in​ the​ end,​ she decided she was going to​ do it​ for Billy so she signed her name in​ agreement.

A few seats down her row,​ a​ man can be seen sighing loudly,​ as​ if​ he has something heavy on​ his mind. Tobias was showing remorse due to​ the​ fact that he cannot congratulate his son,​ William,​ as​ soon as​ he got the​ news. the​ law forbids him to​ see him until next Monday,​ when he is​ allowed to​ spend time with him. at​ first he thought he could just call,​ but then he just laughed it​ off when he remembered about how things are with Jennifer. She is​ still reluctant to​ see him,​ or​ even answer his countless phone calls. Tobias had always wanted to​ show that he cared even after what had happened between them,​ all the​ fighting and hitting that he did to​ her. He always said to​ himself it​ was all caused by the​ excessive drinking,​ but in​ the​ end he still realized that it​ was all caused by him. He opened his wallet,​ and stared at​ the​ last fifty dollar bill inside,​ thinking about how desirable it​ is​ to​ spend it​ on​ gin before he got his next pay next Monday. He blocked his thought of​ alcohol out feeling bitter about himself,​ and he forced himself to​ hand over the​ money before he even regretted his decision. He realizes how much William would love the​ backpack with the​ team's logo on​ it​ and he wants to​ make up for his mistakes he has done.

"What is​ all this soccer crap? the​ children are already busy as​ it​ is​ with their school work and they have to​ help in​ the​ shop also,​ where would they find the​ time for all of​ this? Fundraising backpacks? Our children have to​ resort to​ being beggars now is​ it?" Furiously,​ he stood up and headed straight for the​ door,​ wanting to​ get out from the​ room as​ soon as​ possible,​ then two other parents left with him.

"Everyone,​ please calm down." Mrs. Kent wanted to​ shout out loud,​ but decided not to. in​ her mind,​ she was thinking the​ many reasons why she thinks this meeting was a​ bad idea. Compared to​ this,​ even the​ most rowdy of​ students seem like angels. as​ she deeply inhales,​ she thinks silently in​ her mind maybe this was the​ reason the​ students were so boisterous,​ boisterous parents "teaching" them! Trying to​ keep her temper from flaring,​ she inhales again and continues to​ talk to​ her audience.

"Everyone,​ please listen to​ what i say. We will do everything we can to​ ensure that the​ students participate in​ any way they can in​ the​ project,​ but they can only succeed with both the​ teachers and parents help. For this project,​ i only found those who live in​ our own neighborhood,​ the​ people you​ know,​ your friends and your neighbors,​ and all of​ us should be supportive of​ what we are about to​ do."

At the​ back,​ Mira felt another migraine pounding in​ her head. Why she ever agreed to​ come to​ this meeting,​ she thought to​ herself,​ as​ she worried over the​ pending projects left in​ the​ office. Her Blackberry constantly vibrated incoming emails and she longed for the​ meeting to​ end,​ so that she could reply her messages and return to​ the​ office. All-nighters were common,​ and if​ Leslie was not down with overstress in​ the​ hospital,​ she would not be here at​ all. Roy would like it,​ she knew,​ sturdy fabric with mesh pockets,​ with his very own team emblem imprinted on​ it. He would be so proud! “Roy would be prouder if​ his parents did not miss every match he played in,​” Mrs. Kent’s voice sounded in​ her head. as​ she pledged her twenty-five dollars,​ she was assaulted by another agonizing stab in​ the​ head and scrambled for the​ aspirin in​ her handbag.

"Everyone I am grateful for your votes. And I am pleased to​ announce with the​ favorable replies the​ fundraising project is​ officially starting!"

After shaking the​ last parent's hands,​ she sat down on​ the​ table and took a​ deep breath,​ showing relief that the​ ordeal is​ finally over.

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