The Power Of Web Forms

The Power Of Web Forms

Web forms allow site owners to​ gather information about their site visitors. Web forms can be as​ simple as​ an​ email newsletter subscription box, or​ as​ complex as​ an​ advanced ecommerce checkout page. Here are some tips on making the​ most of​ your web forms.

Not All Web Forms Are Created Equal

Some web forms are extremely basic and​ only email forms to​ administrators. Others are integrated into databases and​ lead management software. Here is​ some thing to​ look for​ when choosing web form software.

Targeted Lead Generation

Web forms allow site owners to​ gather valuable information, including contact information, referral web site URLs, search engine keywords and​ visitor comments, and​ more. the​ results of​ these web forms can be posted to​ a​ database and​ emailed to​ administrators. Respondents to​ web forms could be buying a​ product or​ interested in​ receiving more information. the​ leads generated in​ this manner are highly targeted since the​ people filling out the​ request form will have seen your site and​ know the​ purpose of​ your company.

Keyword and​ Referral Tracking

If you use search engine marketing to​ promote your web site, tracking keywords from search to​ sale can greatly increase your ability to​ focus on the​ keywords that work. When a​ person navigates from one page to​ another, tracking software can carry certain data along. the​ carried data can include keywords and​ the​ referral web site URL. This data is​ then recorded on the​ order form or​ an​ information request form so that web site managers can determine which keywords and​ site are sending the​ most conversions. This allows marketing efforts to​ be directed to​ what's working.

Self-Populating Database

Instead of​ buying a​ database of​ leads, or​ having telemarketers working to​ create lead databases, web forms allow site owners to​ have the​ prospects themselves populate a​ business database. in​ this manner, an​ entire database can be filled with people specifically interested in​ the​ company hosting the​ web form.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows site owners to​ keep their companies in​ front of​ targeted audiences. Email newsletters can add value to​ web sites, providing a​ precious resource to​ site visitors. Informative newsletters allow site owners to​ send advertisements to​ highly targeted recipients that have opted-into the​ list. Newsletters can be sent at​ any interval, including daily, weekly monthly or​ yearly. By providing informative articles and/or discounts and​ special offers, many visitors to​ your site will be happy to​ opt-in to​ your mailing list. Sending email to​ mass amounts of​ people that have not requested information from you is​ generally regarded as​ spam and​ should be avoided.

Auto Responders

Web forms can allow automated responses to​ be sent, taking some work out of​ lead follow up. for​ example, if​ a​ product is​ likely to​ be used in​ 30 days, an​ auto responder can be sent to​ send a​ discount or​ reminder to​ the​ purchaser of​ the​ product 25 days from initial delivery.


Web forms are powerful tools for​ almost any business web site. Before investing in​ a​ web form solution, check your options and​ find a​ solution with all the​ features you want. Using advanced web forms can dramatically increase your marketing feedback and​ sales.

The Power Of Web Forms

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