The Polaroid A520m Digital Camera

The Polaroid A520m Digital Camera

The Polaroid a520m Digital Camera
Designed for​ the​ first-time user, the​ Polaroid a520m Digital Camera has some easy-to-use features .​
Here are a​ few examples of​ what you can do with the​ Polaroid a520m camera:
* Enjoy point & shoot operation .​
The resolution is​ adjustable for​ print or​ email .​
* Store video clips and​ pictures to​ an​ SD card or​ the​ internal memory .​
* Shoot pictures or​ video clips, and​ play them back on the​ LCD screen or​ on a​ computer .​
* Send your friends and​ family your pictures and​ video clips over the​ Internet .​
* the​ camera has PictBridge capability.
The camera offers a​ splashy break from the​ sea of​ traditional black and​ silver cameras, being offered in​ a​ cute theme of​ colors: pink, light pink, and​ magenta—sure to​ appeal to​ young girls—in support of​ the​ Breast Cancer Research Foundation .​

The list of​ technical specifications and​ additional features are as​ follows:
* PC and​ Mac compatible
* 4x digital zoom
* Standard 16 mega byte integrated flash memory
* Supports MultiMedia Card and​ SD Card for​ extra memory
* 5.1 mega pixel resolution
* Built-in flash
* 2.0 bright color TFT active-matrix LCD which offers a​ preview of​ images before shooting
* Video recording in​ AVI format
* Built-in microphone
* Built-in tripod stand (tripod sold separately)
* Still image compression in​ JPEG, EXIF 2.2 and​ AVI format
* Settings include flash off, auto, red-eye reduction, and​ fill-in flash
* Automatic white balance
* Automatic exposure
* Features an​ electronic 10-second delay for​ taking pictures of​ yourself
* Optical sensor type: CCD
* Image sensor type: CMOS
* Minimum focus range: 38.4
* Image resolutions: 640 x 480, 2592 x 1944, and​ 2048 x 1536
* Video resolution: 320 x 240 (QVGA)
* Aperture range: f2.8/f8 (w/t)
* Shutter speed: 1/8 – 1/2000 of​ a​ second
* Unit dimensions, metric: 60mm high, 94mm wide, and​ 21mm deep
* Unit dimensions, English: 2.4 high, 3.7 wide, and​ .8 deep
* Retail package dimensions, metric: 222mm high, 267mm wide, and​ 69mm deep
* Retail package dimensions, English: 8.74 high, 10.5 wide, and​ 2.7 deep
* Unit weight, metric: .13 kg
* Unit weight, English: 4.5 oz
* Retail package weight, metric: .49 kg
* Retail package weight, English: 1.1 lb
* Comes with a​ wrist strap, skin, USB cable, 4 AAA batteries, and​ a​ software CD which includes drivers and​ utilities.
People who have purchased this camera describe it​ as​ a​ good camera for​ first-time users especially young teen-agers: it’s cute, it’s light, it​ easily fits into a​ pocket, it’s easy to​ use, and​ it​ seems to​ be priced with this young demographic in​ mind, coming in​ at​ around $65.00 US .​

Many users complain about the​ photo quality, stating that even in​ moderately well-lit indoor settings photos are too dark without the​ flash, but that photos come out too bright with the​ flash or​ outside on a​ bright day—sometimes to​ the​ point of​ washing out people’s faces .​
However, this problem seems to​ be more pronounced when the​ subjects photographed are close to​ the​ camera—subjects further away photograph better .​

Some users also complain that the​ LCD display is​ too dark when used indoors as​ well .​
In addition, the​ LCD goes black for​ a​ few seconds after a​ photo, which some users find frustrating .​
On a​ bright note, the​ LCD is​ considered large enough to​ be eye-friendly .​

The lack of​ a​ view finder is​ aggravating to​ users who are used to​ having this functionality in​ their digital cameras .​
Users sometimes find background objects to​ be out of​ focus .​
However, users do find it​ easy to​ upload photos from the​ camera to​ the​ computer.
Bottom line: it’s a​ good camera for​ younger first-time users who will be more excited about owning a​ pink camera than being discerning about the​ quality of​ pictures they take.

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