The Pitfalls Of Advertising On Myspace

The Pitfalls Of Advertising On Myspace

The Pitfalls of​ Advertising on MySpace
Many users of​ MySpace tout the​ potential for​ advertising to​ be one of​ the​ most useful features of​ this online community .​
However, there are quite a​ few pitfalls to​ advertising on MySpace .​
Most importantly those who advertise on MySpace run the​ risk of​ finding themselves in​ violation of​ MySpace’s terms of​ service and​ facing the​ consequences of​ these infractions .​
In addition advertising on MySpace can appear very unprofessional to​ potential customers .​
Finally, those who advertise on MySpace may become guilty of​ spamming .​
This article will take a​ look at​ these three advertising pitfalls and​ provide advice for​ avoiding these potential problems .​
Violating the​ Terms of​ Service on MySpace
One of​ the​ most serious potential problems with advertising on MySpace is​ violating the​ terms of​ service outlined by the​ administrators of​ MySpace .​
This is​ significant because members who are found to​ be in​ violation of​ these terms of​ service can have their websites deleted and​ may be banned from the​ community .​
The terms of​ service should be reviewed carefully to​ determine which types of​ activities, in​ relation to​ advertising, are permitted and​ which activities are prohibited .​
Special attention should be paid to​ the​ section of​ the​ terms of​ services which specifies member websites are not to​ be commercial in​ nature .​
It might be necessary to​ contact MySpace directly for​ ask for​ clarification of​ this section and​ additional information on what constitutes a​ commercial website .​
Appearing Unprofessional
Another potential pitfall to​ advertising on MySpace is​ appearing unprofessional .​
MySpace websites can be created very quickly and​ easily through available templates .​
This may result in​ some members becoming overly anxious to​ start advertising immediately .​
When this happens the​ members may be sloppy in​ their design and​ may create a​ website with many errors which does not present a​ professional appearance.
Additionally, MySpace is​ a​ rather relaxed community where members often use slang or​ abbreviations haphazard .​
This practice can also create an​ unprofessional appearance which may alienate some potential clients .​
Also, MySpace members must consider the​ comments left for​ them by other members of​ the​ community .​
The individual who maintains the​ website should understand the​ comments left for​ them are considered by others to​ be a​ reflection of​ them .​
Therefore those who do not think highly of​ the​ comments left on your website are not likely to​ think highly of​ you or​ your business either .​
For this reason care should be taken to​ maintain a​ lee of​ control over the​ comments left for​ you .​
This can be done either by not allowing comments at​ all or​ by only allowing comments that receive your approval to​ appear on your website .​
Engaging in​ Spamming techniques
One of​ the​ most dangerous pitfalls those who advertise on MySpace might encounter is​ spamming .​
Before advertising care should be taken to​ review MySpace’s policy on spam to​ ensure the​ advertising techniques you are using are not considered to​ be spam by MySpace .​
This is​ important because those who are found guilty of​ spamming may have their account and​ website deleted .​
They may even be banned from creating a​ new account in​ the​ future.
Also, potential customers are not likely to​ think highly of​ a​ business that they view as​ engaging in​ spamming techniques .​
These customers are likely to​ purchase products and​ services from other providers who they believe run a​ more honest marketing campaign .​
Spamming can therefore be a​ very costly mistake for​ business owners.

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