The Pioneer Spirit Lives Once More

The Pioneer Spirit Lives Once More

The development of​ a​ home-based business is​ generally a​ very personal decision simply because it​ involves moving away from all that is​ familiar toward something that is​ profound in​ the amount of​ unanswered questions.

There is​ risk involved in​ going it​ alone. There is​ risk in​ being the one solely responsible for the administration of​ your own business. There is​ financial risk if​ the venture should fail.


There are rewards in​ being your own boss. There are rewards in​ being able to​ answer only to​ yourself in​ matters of​ business. There are financial rewards should the venture succeed.

The growth of​ home-based business may well resemble the early American pioneers who ventured west looking for a​ better life. There was great struggle and not everyone made it, but those that did managed to​ work hard to​ carve out a​ life that was filled with both adventure and satisfaction.

The comparison is​ so appropriate for home-based business owners. in​ times past we may have only thought of​ home-based businesses as​ being a​ farmer or​ a​ rancher, but today it​ a​ field being pioneered by hearty souls in​ search of​ a​ better life for their families. Not everyone will make it, but for those that do it’s a​ journey filled with adventure and satisfaction.

Individuals are discovering that the very things they have enjoyed as​ hobbies may be moved to​ the forefront and given a​ new status as​ ‘business venture’. There are those who are making a​ living pet sitting, or​ providing freelance photography work. Individuals are writing from home or​ managing a​ home-based accounting firm.

Today’s business office may be the very room we once called a​ den. The overhead cost is​ significantly reduced, the environment is​ very comfortable and the hours are left up to​ the business owner.

Many are seeking just such a​ lifestyle as​ a​ means of​ liberating a​ 9-5 mentality. The business suit may be packed away and the hours one works may be scattered over a​ longer period of​ time or​ can be adjusted to​ allow for the intake of​ life.

Many home-based business owners will say it​ is​ very hard work, but the benefits to​ both individual and family make it​ a​ lifestyle more and more aspire to​ grasp.

The pioneering spirit is​ alive and well and is​ prospering behind the screen of​ millions of​ personal computers that are providing the link between a​ revolutionary thought and the realization of​ a​ 21st century hope for a​ better future.

The Pioneer Spirit Lives Once More

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