The Perfect Family Vacation

The Perfect Family Vacation

When planning a​ family vacation along the​ USA east coast,​ one of​ the​ destinations worth considering is​ Chincoteague Island Virginia. This beautiful island is​ located within a​ few hours of​ Baltimore,​ Washington DC or​ Norfolk Virginia. Located on​ the​ eastern shore of​ Virginia,​ Chincoteague Island is​ easy to​ reach and a​ relatively inexpensive vacation resort.

Chincoteague Island has something for every member of​ the​ family. the​ island is​ best known for its wild ponies,​ made famous by the​ novels "Misty of​ Chincoteague",​ "Stormy" and others. Also famous for it's seafood,​ Chincoteague is​ home to​ excellent local oysters,​ clams,​ flounder and other delicacies.

Families can spend time together,​ as​ well as​ find activities for any member of​ the​ group. Men might enjoy local fishing while ladies explore the​ shops and boutiques. Kids will be delighted to​ see and touch local wild ponies,​ swim at​ the​ sandy beaches or​ enjoy miniature golf or​ a​ scooter rental.

Downtown Chincoteague is​ a​ mix of​ art,​ clothing,​ restaurants and specialty food shops. Artists display every manner of​ nautical art,​ including decoys,​ wildlife carvings,​ sculpture,​ pottery,​ photographs,​ paintings and more.

Minutes from Chincoteague is​ Assateague Island. Sharing the​ island is​ Assateague National Sea Shore and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. the​ Refuge is​ one of​ the​ most popular USA,​ especially among bird watchers. Ducks,​ geese,​ swans,​ egrets,​ herons,​ and dozens of​ other shorebirds are seen here. Upon entering the​ refuge,​ Birdwatchers can check in​ at​ the​ visitors center,​ then make the​ short drive to​ the​ beach,​ explore the​ seashore and hike the​ many trails. of​ particular interest to​ birders is​ the​ Wildlife Loop,​ which leads thru forest,​ marsh,​ and the​ lagoon.

Beach lovers will find beautiful sandy beaches,​ both on​ the​ oceanside and along Tom's cove. Visitors can swim,​ sunbathe,​ walk the​ beaches,​ search for shells,​ and spot wild ponies on​ the​ beach and porpoises in​ the​ ocean.

Anglers will find Chincoteague to​ be a​ good place to​ take a​ fishing vacation. There is​ surf fishing,​ pier fishing,​ flounder fishing,​ deep sea fishing,​ crabbing,​ clamming and more. the​ waters are also a​ great place to​ powerboat,​ sail,​ jet ski or​ kayak.

The combination of​ small town atmosphere,​ local art,​ recreation,​ scenery,​ abundant wildlife and great beaches make this among the​ best values in​ family vacations along the​ eastern seaboard.

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