The Pay Scale For Nursing Assistants

The Pay Scale for Nursing Assistants
Nursing Assistants are a​ valuable part of​ our medical facility staff. They offer ongoing care to​ patients at​ level most other staff don’t have the time to. They tend to​ basic needs of​ bathing, feeding, and dressing. They also provide emotional support to​ the patient and the family. Nursing Assistants are expected to​ help other medical staff at​ a​ moments notice with a​ variety of​ tasks including setting up medical equipment and getting patients ready to​ be taken for Xrays and surgery.
Most people entering the Nursing Assistant field don’t do it​ for the pay. They do it​ out of​ a​ desire to​ be of​ assistance to​ others in​ need as​ well as​ a​ desire to​ work in​ the medical field. Since medical facilities rank Nursing Assistant as​ an entry level position, they pay is​ very low compared to​ others, especially nurses. This can lead to​ some Nursing Assistants feeling angry, upset, and unappreciated.

The median expected salary for a​ Nursing Assistant in​ the United States is​ $24,383. On average, that is​ approximately $2,000 per month. That amount varies by experience and job location. as​ you can see, it​ does pay more than minimum wage and often employees in​ this field are able to​ secure health insurance and retirement plans.
However, when you compare that to​ the median salary of​ a​ Licensed Practical Nurse, which is​ $43,333, you can see a​ huge different. While it​ is​ understood that the Licensed Practical Nurse position holds more responsibility and well as​ requires more schooling and training, we can also see why some Nursing Assistants feel that they aren’t earning enough. it​ is​ also common that the better a​ Nursing Assistant is​ paid, the more pride they take in​ offering quality services to​ all patients.
Many health care facilities understand this, and work hard to​ keep Nursing Assistants content. They try to​ give raises as​ they can for performance as​ well as​ the length of​ time on the job. They understand that Nursing Assistants are vital to​ the overall balance of​ the Nursing staff. They also realize finding qualified employees is​ hard enough without having to​ continually interview and train new staff. Since Nursing Assistant jobs are plentiful, they can lose their good employees to​ other facilities who offer better pay.
Due to​ the pay difference, some individuals choose to​ go to​ school directly into a​ degree program and skip the Nursing Assistant certificate program all together. For those wanting to​ ease in​ the doorway of​ the medical profession and those who need the income while in​ school, the Nursing Assistant program is​ still very valuable to​ them in​ terms of​ having an income and being in​ a​ learning environment of​ the medical field.
The pay scale difference can often result in​ issues arising between Nursing Assistants and the Nursing staff. On one side, you have Nursing staff feeling that they have a​ degree and shouldn’t have to​ participate in​ particular tasks. Others just are overwhelmed by time restraints, and therefore keep their job segregated from that of​ the Nursing Assistants. On the other side you have Nursing Assistants who feel their tasks are harder and they aren’t getting paid nearly as​ much as​ the Nursing staff. This can lead to​ them developing feelings of​ resentment towards the Nursing staff. This being said, it​ is​ important for administration to​ help both the Nursing staff and Nursing Assistants interact and appreciate each other.
Seeing that pay difference as​ well as​ wanting to​ participate in​ more advances areas with the patients has lead many Nursing Assistants back into training to​ earn a​ degree as​ a​ Licensed Practice Nurse, a​ Registered Nurse, or​ another specified area in​ the medical field.
Medical facilities and the government agree that when medical staff is​ short, the patients are the ones who suffer the most. it​ is​ no different in​ the area of​ Nursing Assistant. if​ they positions aren’t filled, the patients may not get all of​ their needs met daily. For example, some nursing homes only bathe the patients every other day because of​ short staff issues.
The government is​ trying to​ find funding to​ help increase the rate of​ pay for Nursing Assistants. However, they feel that they pay isn’t the only issue. it​ is​ believed that healthcare facilities need to​ start showing Nursing Assistants more respect, appreciation, and recognition for their hard work. This profession has one of​ the highest turn over rates do to​ demanding work conditions, feelings of​ being under valued, and lower pay than most feel they are worth. The result is​ healthcare facility patients feeling the burden in​ part because of​ the pay scale for Nursing Assistants.

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