The Parallels Of Economic Growth And Construction Equipment Growth

The Parallels Of Economic Growth And Construction Equipment Growth

The Parallels of​ Economic Growth and​ Construction Equipment Growth
With the​ rise in​ the​ growing economy there has been increase in​ the​ development of​ the​ infrastructure. for​ this construction work has been on rise, which have led to​ the​ demand of​ construction equipment. Construction equipments are of​ various types and​ serve different purposes.
Heavy construction equipment include bulldozers & track loaders, rubber tire loaders, cable cranes, hydraulic cranes, stationary cranes, graders scrapers & rollers, paving equipment, rock crushers, screeners & washers, trenching equipment, etc. There has been technical advancement also in​ the​ attachments and​ part required for​ the​ construction equipment. Three are various types of​ buckets, blades, couplers cutters, forks, grips, hammers and​ shovels.
There has been a​ growth in​ companies opting for​ rental construction equipment or​ leasing them. the​ main reason behind this is​ lower capital investment and​ lower maintenance. Moreover, good construction equipment is​ available at​ great bargain prices. This construction equipment give good productivity paralleled to​ new equipment. Also the​ smaller fleet ar able to​ squeeze out construction equipment.
Apart from purchase, leasing and​ rental of​ the​ construction equipment, there are also security issues attached to​ them. These days companies and​ constructors are much worried about securing their construction equipment. Since construction equipment do not have any tracking number on them thus recovery of​ any stolen construction equipment is​ very difficult. Most of​ the​ time the​ construction equipment is​ recovered several kilometers away from the​ construction site. But recovery of​ equipment is​ very difficult. Thus a​ new system of​ putting the​ tracking number has been put into effect. Earlier, for​ security purposes companies used to​ tie up the​ construction equipment with chains and​ padlocks but of​ late these have been proved to​ be inefficient.
Nowadays construction companies are asking the​ manufacturers to​ instill lasercut identification labels with key identification numbers. These key numbers would prove to​ be the​ tracking number just like engine number and​ chassis numbers in​ automobiles. a​ proposition of​ seventeendigit global numbering system has been put forward in​ the​ construction industry to​ prevent stealing of​ construction equipment. This would ensure recapturing of​ stolen construction as​ well prevention of​ shipment of​ stolen construction equipment to​ other neighboring countries.
Advancement in​ the​ construction industry has led to​ development of​ operator comfortairconditioned cabs, steering wheels that can be tilted and​ devices to​ prevent noise pollution. Producers are featuring global positioning satellite technology for​ improved surveying and​ for​ use in​ driverless trucks operating on a​ fixed route.
Increase or​ decrease in​ the​ construction sector directly affects the​ sale or​ purchase of​ the​ construction equipment. if​ the​ economy of​ the​ country is​ growing at​ a​ healthy pace, it​ leads to​ development of​ new projects as​ well as​ upgrading the​ older ones. All this requires construction equipment either to​ be purchased or​ leased by the​ construction companies. Further, an association for​ the​ inspection and​ certification of​ used construction equipment has been formed. This has been done to​ promote online sales of​ used heavy construction equipment. This is​ required by the​ companies taking up projects at​ various locations in​ the​ foreign land.

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