The Online Shopping Revolution

The Online Shopping Revolution

As no doubt you have noticed online shopping is​ becoming more and​ more popular. in​ this article I write about this new revolution and​ discuss whether in​ my opinion this popularity is​ likely to​ continue or​ even increase, or​ if​ it​ is​ just some sort of​ short term fashion trend.

I was introduced to​ online shopping a​ few years ago when a​ friend of​ mine advised me that a​ certain electrical type company was offering their products with a​ discount of​ ten percent, when they were purchased online. This fascinated me and​ I then started to​ investigate if​ this was a​ trend which other retail outlets were offering. I found that quite a​ few others had similar online discounts and​ I soon started to​ catch the​ online shopping bug.

As a​ man I am not really one for​ shopping. I am not trying to​ suggest that all men hate shopping but I certainly do. When my wife wants to​ go on one of​ her trips to​ all of​ the​ local clothes and​ other shops, I do go with her and​ attempt to​ show an​ interest but in​ truth can not wait to​ get home. When buying items such as​ clothes for​ myself, I of​ course prefer to​ buy online. This is​ where online shopping become a​ dream for​ me.

A couple of​ years ago at​ Christmas time, I must admit that I purchased around eighty percent of​ my presents online. This saved me having to​ go to​ the​ shops in​ the​ first place, fighting through the​ Christmas shopping crowds and​ trying to​ find a​ car park space.

My family even now buy our weekly food shopping online. My wife prefers doing the​ food shopping in​ this way as​ she does not have to​ wait to​ have her items scanned and​ does not have to​ put up with the​ children asking if​ they can have this or​ that.

I believe that this online shopping revolution has only just started. I think that more and​ more companies are going to​ offer this service and​ that their websites will become even more impressive and​ easy to​ use for​ the​ consumer. People especially women will always love to​ go shopping but I think for​ certain goods, for​ example larger and​ more expensive items, that they will be mainly bought online.

In around five years time most households in​ the​ UK will have access to​ the​ internet therefore introducing even more potential customers to​ the​ option of​ online shopping.

My life has certainly been made a​ lot easier and​ less stressful through online shopping and​ I would advise other people to​ give it​ a​ go.

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