The Obviou Benefit Of Auto Navigation Systems

The Obviou Benefit Of Auto Navigation Systems

The Obvious Benefit of​ Auto Navigation Systems
If you've been in​ the​ market for​ a​ car, truck, or​ SUV recently, then I'm sure you've seen the​ vast number of​ vehicles sporting shiny new auto navigation systems as​ part of​ this or​ that package upgrade .​
These systems are delightfully handy when you find yourself stuck in​ traffic that is​ moving slower than the​ snail that just passed by or​ that roads are closing due to​ nasty weather or​ traffic pile ups .​
The truth of​ the​ matter is​ that they can come in​ equally handy when faced with every day driving if​ you allow them to​ be .​
Many people unfortunately purchase these systems because they seem like a​ good idea at​ the​ time and​ then never really get their money's worth .​
Very few investments in​ technology are worthy if​ you aren't going to​ at​ least get your money's worth .​
Auto navigation systems are great when you find yourself lost in​ the​ woods so to​ speak, but they can help you find alternate routes when traffic is​ busy on your traditional drive to​ the​ grocery store .​
They can help you avoid roads that have been closed for​ maintenance, or​ even find a​ quick way around work that is​ being performed along your route .​
These devices can also help you find shorter routes to​ events and​ such than you may have been aware existed before and​ they aren't commanding nearly the​ price they brought in​ a​ mere two years ago .​
In other words, this convenience is​ becoming much more affordable .​
One thing you must keep in​ mind when considering a​ new car or​ a​ new auto navigation system for​ an​ existing car is​ how much you think you will actually use your system .​
Even if​ you save it​ for​ emergency use alone, it​ is​ quite possible that in​ an​ emergency this nifty device will be worth ten times what you originally paid for​ it​ because it​ could save jobs, time, or​ even lives (particularly if​ you are lost and​ searching for​ a​ hospital) .​
For me, it​ is​ hard to​ put a​ price tag on the​ comfort that owning a​ device such as​ this would bring but it​ is​ definitely worth the​ $500-$1,000 that is​ currently being charged .​
Keep in​ mind that when these systems first hit the​ market $1,000 was on the​ ultra low end.
If you never use this system and​ only get it​ because it​ looks cool, then you definitely are not getting your money's worth .​
Technology is​ only good when it's useful to​ someone .​
Sitting there unused it​ is​ assisting no one and​ is​ essentially a​ waste of​ money .​
On the​ other end of​ the​ spectrum however, you have people like me .​
By 'like me' I​ mean those of​ us who could get helplessly lost and​ flustered finding our way out of​ the​ driveway on dark and​ moonless nights .​
I​ use my auto navigation system like an​ extra pair of​ eyes .​
My system is​ not the​ top of​ the​ line system that advertises an​ uncanny ability to​ help you parallel park your car, but it​ is​ nice enough to​ help me figure out where I​ am and​ how to​ get where I'm going from there .​
For me, that is​ exactly enough to​ be worth every penny.
Beyond that, my navigation system doesn't require tricky folds or​ my pulling off onto the​ shoulder in​ order to​ read .​
It talks to​ me (without losing it's temper) and​ tells me where to​ go, I​ love that about my system .​
I​ don't know about the​ rest of​ you, but map reading is​ not something I've ever been gifted at .​
That fact may have a​ little to​ do with the​ fact that it​ was not something I​ was ever terribly interested in .​
Couple that with my poor attention to​ landmarks and​ I​ was a​ driving disaster .​
Literally, I​ got lost at​ least once, if​ not twice a​ week before making the​ move into the​ modern world of​ navigation .​
I​ have absolutely no regrets and​ while I​ can't promise that you will love your auto navigation system as​ much as​ I​ love mine (all systems are not created equal), I​ can pretty much bet that your driving, particularly on long road trips, will go much more smoothly than without one.

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