The Northern Alaska Vacation You Must Book Today

The Northern Alaska Vacation You Must Book Today

In Northern Alaska there are many things to​ do which may catch your eye.

Whether you are a​ visitor or​ a​ long-time native,​ the​ attractions really do,​ never seem to​ end.

Some of​ the​ most popular attractions include the​ Barrow Adventure,​ the​ Beaver Village Adventure,​ the​ Air Adventure,​ and popular national parks like the​ Gates of​ the​ Arctic,​ Kobuk Valley,​ and Cape Krusenstern National Monument.

The Barrow Adventure is​ an​ amazing opportunity in​ which you are flown over the​ Alaskan terrain in​ a​ 737 jet for flightseeing.

After your flight you are taken to​ Barrow where you are given a​ cultural tour and you can explore the​ ancient village by bus. This is​ a​ very popular attraction and also introduces you to​ the​ Barrow Expedition which is​ basically the​ same views just on​ a​ higher,​ more “first-class” scale.

Either one of​ these flight escapades are great experiences!

The Beaver Village Adventure is​ very similar to​ the​ Barrow Adventure except that flight whisks you away to​ the​ village of​ Beaver.

During the​ flight you will even get a​ chance to​ fly over the​ Yukon River Valley which holds thousands of​ years of​ history in​ its making. This trip is​ roughly $350 which is​ actually a​ nice alternative to​ the​ near $500 Barrow Adventure.

The Fairbanks by Air Adventure is​ so much like the​ other two trips that it​ is​ actually quite self-explanatory. This flight which takes place in​ the​ morning is​ around 30 minutes long. This short flight takes you through Fairbanks and the​ Tanana Valley. This experience is​ also a​ fun activity!

Also in​ Northern Alaska you may find wildlife. Especially common are caribou,​ birds,​ whales,​ polar bears,​ black bears,​ and brown bears. There are also wolves,​ oxen,​ foxes,​ beavers,​ migratory swans,​ geese,​ ducks,​ and other small birds and small mammals in​ general. Many animal enthusiasts find all of​ the​ diverse wildlife “a nice change” versus the​ city life where you only see wild ground squirrels and pigeons.

If none of​ these activities set your heart on​ visiting Northern Alaska then maybe something else might. For many years,​ the​ Northern Alaska Tour Company has been setting up tours and such for Alaskan visitors.

Touring Alaska’s Arctic is​ an​ amazing experience and with the​ right scheduling,​ you can fit in​ everything you want to​ do on​ your Northern Alaska vacation!

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