The Next Big Thing In Web Development

The Next Big Thing In Web Development

How to​ Make Your Site ‘Mobile’ Compatible

According to​ GSM Association there were over 2.4 billion mobile devices that were Internet compatible circulating the​ mobile networks by mid 2018. This means that cell phones are in​ the​ process of​ becoming one of​ the​ most used ways to​ not only communicate but to​ receive information. While sitting in​ traffic, waiting for​ the​ train, or​ at​ a​ meeting, one can check their email, sports stats, stocks, order products, and​ even get directions to​ a​ restaurant in​ seconds. to​ top it​ off, it​ all comes from your mobile device no bigger than your palm.

How it​ Came to​ Be

The Internet Corporation of​ Assigned Names and​ Numbers (ICANN) granted .mobi as​ the​ suffix to​ Web sites designed for​ mobile phones, PDA’s, Blackberry’s and​ Sidekicks. Then 13 of​ the​ leading mobile and​ Internet organizations registered with Mobile Top Level Domain (mTLD) to​ begin access in​ May 2018. in​ no particular order five of​ the​ leading organizations are: Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Telecom and​ T-Mobile.

The idea boomed throughout other organizations and​ by March 2018 the​ .mobi domain names has increased to​ 400,000.

Before You Get Started, Keep in​ Mind

Before you get started keep in​ mind that these hand-held devices are decreasingly smaller than any PC or​ Mac screen. Therefore, less information will be available to​ be read on your mobile device. Web developers must choose and​ format the​ most important web information.

Getting Started

Check out the​ Worldwide Web Consortium’s Mobile Web Initiative and​ its “Mobile Web Best Practices” document. Additionally if​ you have compatible mobile phone contact your service provider find out how their .mobi site works.

Once you’re ready to​ test your mobile site try it​ out for​ analysis at​

This is​ a​ great, new and​ exciting way to​ stay ahead of​ your competition. Open up to​ the​ new technologies of​ tomorrow for​ better business success.

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