The Newest Findings About Psychological Disorders

The Newest Findings About Psychological Disorders

While in​ the old days it​ was thought that people with certain disorders were simply crazy and belonged in​ prison, these days we know that these types of​ disorders are actually very common and can have something to​ do with a​ chemical imbalance in​ the brain. Because of​ this imbalance the patient will display certain things that are not thought to​ be what we would call normal. When this occurs our first thought is​ that the person is​ insane when in​ truth they are nothing more than suffering from a​ disease that will likely go away with a​ bit of​ treatment either in​ the mental or​ medical field. The advancements in​ the diagnosis and treatment of​ such psychological disorders have progressed, and people should be aware that these people need help, not jail time.

Agoraphobia is​ one of​ the most common of​ all psychological disorders that is​ known in​ the present day and also represents the largest part of​ phobias the world over. Patients are most likely afraid to​ leave their homes or​ be around other people. The main thing is​ being in​ a​ comfort zone that is​ familiar to​ them, like their home, where an​ escape route is​ present in​ case of​ some perceived danger. Those who are forced to​ leave their comfort zone will display sometimes violent or​ even physical manifestations. Treatment is​ available and has proven very effective in​ helping the agoraphobic to​ overcome the fear.

Asperger’s Syndrome is​ also very common and is​ directly related to​ autism in​ many ways. There are also some related issues to​ other psychological disorders as​ well. The social interaction is​ the main element of​ this disorder. Most of​ the patients are extremely anti-social in​ the fact that they cannot process the amount of​ information they are getting from everyone around them. Most patients will have a​ tremendously difficult time functioning in​ any kind of​ situation that involves more than one person. Because they are able to​ speak and communicate, sufferers are considered to​ be high function autistic’s in​ most respects with all of​ the brain power moved to​ mundane tasks and the storing of​ information should it​ be needed later.

Tourette’s Syndrome is​ one of​ those diseases that was misdiagnosed for many decades before research was able to​ find the key. Patients will have a​ vocal and physical tic that will happen on a​ regular basis. These tics will be sudden and harsh movements and vocalizations. People with this disorder will often times use a​ word that is​ considered swearing in​ the tic without even realizing it. The outbursts will last for a​ moment or​ maybe longer depending on the severity of​ the case.

All in​ all there is​ a​ lot that can be done about psychological disorders as​ a​ whole. in​ many cases there is​ a​ medication that is​ available that will nearly eliminate the symptoms all together and allow the patient to​ live normally. There are the problems of​ side effects that come with these medications but they are not reported in​ every case.

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