The Mystery Shopping World

The Mystery Shopping World

When you become a​ part of​ the​ mystery shopping world there are several things you will have to​ do to​ maintain your status as​ a​ mystery shopper. One of​ the​ most important things in​ mystery shopping is​ note taking. You will be required by the​ company that you are shopping for​ to​ take detailed notes about the​ establishment you have visited. it​ is​ wise to​ make sure you take these notes immediately upon returning to​ your car. This will enable you to​ have the​ information and​ details fresh within your mind still, if​ you wait until you get home, you could have forgotten various information that was needed by the​ company.

Another thing to​ keep in​ mind, is​ you should not ever attempt to​ take notes while you are shopping. This could be cause for​ someone to​ spot you and​ you will “get caught”, many companies will refuse to​ pay any mystery shopper that has been caught mystery shopping. Once you have taken notes, you should always make sure you keep a​ copy of​ them in​ a​ safe place. Occasionally, the​ mystery shopping company will return to​ you to​ ask you other questions about your experience, the​ notes will allow you to​ look at​ your notes and​ answer them accurately.

Mystery shopping can earn you good money, the​ amount will be determined by the​ particular job, where you live, and​ the​ type of​ shop you will be visiting. Sometimes your mystery shopping experience will be paid for​ (expenses), other times reimbursement will be less than other types of​ mystery shopping jobs. Typically a​ retail store job will pay you anywhere from $10 to​ $30 a​ shop, depending upon the​ type of​ store you are visiting. a​ fast food job, will pay anywhere between $5 to​ $15 with a​ meal allowance of​ around $5. for​ a​ casual dining job, you will typically receive somewhere between $15 and​ $30, depending on the​ establishment with meal allowance being $15 to​ $20. Grocery stores can earn you somewhere between $15 and​ $30 with an​ allowance of​ around $5 to​ $8. the​ grocery store jobs will likely have a​ shopping list that is​ specific on what you should get during the​ mystery shopping experience.

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