The Most Popular Audio Standard On The Web Mp3

The Most Popular Audio Standard On The Web Mp3

The most popular audio standard on the​ web – Mp3
MP3 or​ MPEG -1 Audio Layer is​ an​ open standard to​ compress audio files about one twelfth of​ the​ disk space of​ the​ original audio track and​ providing the​ nearest sound quality to​ an​ original CD .​
This is​ the​ reason why it​ has become the​ standard scheme to​ compress music on the​ web or​ internet .​
Since the​ size of​ music files is​ reduced and​ availability of​ various free mp3 player software has made it​ easy to​ distribute music and​ other audio recordings online .​
Advantages of​ MP3
1 .​
Many digital audio formats have been developed by companies such as​ Microsoft, Lucent, and​ Yamaha which have restrictions on their technology that could be used by outside developers .​
But as​ of​ now MP3 has all the​ momentum to​ distribute music .​
2 .​
as​ there are no security features with Mp3 files, millions of​ these files are easily posted and​ passed around the​ web each day .​
These files are so small that these files could be easily downloaded or​ attached to​ an​ email while sending to​ any of​ your friends .​
3 .​
Another reason is​ our listening habits that force the​ people to​ use mp3 .​
You can collect all your favorite songs, bands or​ styles as​ per your preference and​ store it​ into your computer hard disk .​
Next you can put all the​ songs in​ the​ play list and​ send it​ to​ the​ CD burner for​ recording .​
Later you are free to​ listen it​ anywhere with the​ help of​ portable mp3 players .​
4 .​
Also an​ upcoming area for​ mp3 is​ web casting or​ audio streaming .​
Unlike mp3 downloads, streamed mp3 files are not stored in​ the​ computer hard disk but are broadcasted like traditional radio and​ receiver (mp3 player for​ instance) .​
5 .​
These are the​ few reasons you would start dabbling in​ mp3 but there are many ethical and​ legal issues which you need to​ consider before you start making mp3 downloads.
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