The Most Important Words On Your Web Site

The Most Important Words On Your Web Site

When I coach authors on what their web site needs to​ look like, I spend a​ lot of​ time talking about the​ words on their web site, i.e. their copywriting. But even more important than the​ collection of​ words are a​ few individual phrases no site can be without.

Sign-up: getting your visitor to​ sign up for​ *something* is​ important. Why? Because studies have shown that surfers don't often buy the​ first time they land on your site. Often they want to​ browse, shop, maybe bookmark you for​ later. if​ they bookmark you, you've lost a​ sale. Don't get me wrong, I love it​ when someone bookmarks the​ Author Marketing Experts site but when they do, the​ likelihood of​ my being able to​ sell to​ them is​ minimal.

Instead, I get them into the​ AME funnel by encouraging prospective customers to​ sign up for​ something they want, i.e. our Book Marketing Expert Newsletter. and​ then to​ encourage them even further, we actually give them something for​ signing up: our Top 50 Media contact list. So if​ you're not asking for​ a​ sign-up, you might want to​ reconsider this. Then, give them an​ ethical bribe in​ return: give them something they want. Don't just throw a​ freebie at​ them and​ expect your visitor to​ jump for​ joy. Here's a​ clue: if​ you wouldn't want the​ freebie, it's likely they won't either.

Buy: most of​ us have been taught not to​ ask for​ what we want. I'm giving you permission to​ not only ask for​ it, but put it​ on your home page. So often I talk to​ authors who say their web sites aren't selling. They're not selling because the​ author forgets to​ ask for​ the​ sale. the​ words Buy or​ Buy Now are a​ call to​ action that will greatly increase your chances of​ making a​ sale. if​ this isn't on your home page, have your web master or​ web designer add it​ ASAP.

Free: I know, now I'm getting confusing, right? I just told you that you needed to​ ask for​ the​ sale and​ now I'm telling you that you need to​ give it​ away. Well, yes and​ no. Let me explain. First, while you want to​ have a​ strong call to​ action and​ a​ "funnel" to​ get folks into your marketing message, you also want to​ give something away (besides the​ newsletter freebie).

Consider this: people want information or​ they want to​ be entertained or​ they want to​ be educated. if​ you can do any of​ these things, go for​ it. a​ way you can do this might be through your blog, blogging is​ a​ fantastic way to​ disseminate information in​ a​ free format. the​ next might be through a​ game on your site, a​ resource or​ article page, or​ other information on your subject or​ area of​ expertise. We had a​ client once who wrote a​ book about working with difficult people and​ she had a​ game on her site that would let visitors launch a​ gnarly co-worker out of​ a​ cannon (while I love everyone I work with, I used this for​ other, eh, outside AME people …). Things like that have a​ great pass-through factor, meaning that folks will pass along the​ site or​ link so others can share in​ the​ fun as​ well. Remember the​ "Elf yourself" that Office Depot did last holiday season? I must have gotten that link sent to​ me 25 times. No kidding. People love freebies. Make 'em laugh, educate them or​ give them something they can't get anywhere else and​ they'll beat a​ path to​ your door.

The point being that even the​ best web site copy has a​ few elements that shouldn't be overlooked. By incorporating just a​ few simple steps, you can really begin to​ see your site go from a​ ho-hum author web site to​ a​ rockin' selling tool!

Here's to​ your success both online and​ off!

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