The Mind Of The Real Estate Investor

Myself and​ many others are living proof that by changing your mental and​ physical habits, you can build your wealth. This mini-course focuses on changing or​ fine-tuning your mental habits and​ attitudes toward real estate investment so that you can profit at​ will. It's about getting your mindset right.

By mindset, I mean your way of​ looking at, and​ approaching your real estate investment business. This includes the​ way you perceive your business. it​ also includes what you allow to​ impress and​ intimidate you, also what challenges and​ excites you.

Note: This article is​ the​ introductory session in​ a​ soon to​ be released mini-course entitled “The Mind of​ the​ Real Estate Investor” and​ the​ full course will soon be available to​ Rehab Real Estate Central ( newsletter subscribers. This course will be a​ free service of​ Rehab Real Estate Central.

Why bother with “mindset?”

Simple. Because the​ cost of​ NOT adjusting your mindset is​ outrageously expensive (in opportunity loss)! if​ your mind isn't conditioned to​ think like a​ wealth-building investor, you are like a​ sailor paddling around in​ a​ boat with holes in​ it. if​ you bail water quickly enough, you'll keep it​ afloat, but you will eventually tire…and sink!

ALL money-making endeavors begin with a​ thought. They are all ideas born in​ the​ mind of​ an​ investor. Some have more and​ better ideas than others. Why is​ that? Are some minds better conditioned than others? I say "yes!"

In our society there is​ often resistance to​ conditioning one's mind, but nobody thinks a​ thing about going for​ a​ jog, or​ hitting the​ gym to​ condition their body. Does that make sense? if​ you walk the​ entrepreneurial path, mental conditioning is​ central to​ your business.

The six concepts that I will unfold in​ this course are powerful weapons of​ the​ mind. if​ you condition your mind to​ these concepts will make you a​ lot of​ money, and​ you will KEEP making a​ lot of​ money.

Simply put, if​ you don't develop, and​ then fine tune your mindset you will either:

- Never quite get around to​ investing in​ real estate (if you have not yet begun) and​ forfeit the​ wealth you want to​ attain for​ you and​ your family.

- Never quite get where you want to​ go in​ your investing (if you are already investing), and​ forfeit the​ wealth you intended to​ attain for​ you and​ your family.

You see, a​ lot of​ people have enough knowledge to​ invest in​ real estate. Far fewer DO it. Why is​ that? Because far fewer have bothered to​ develop the​ mindset that conquers fear and​ other hurdles to​ investing in​ real estate. Frankly, it​ doesn't matter how much knowledge you possess about investing in​ real estate, you WON'T do it​ if​ you haven't conditioned yourself to​ think like and​ investor.

Usually I write and​ teach practical matters of​ rehab real estate investing, but for​ this course, I'm breaking from that in​ favor of​ talking about what you can do to​ adjust your thinking…change the​ way your mind works. Since the​ investing won't be successful without a​ properly conditioned mind, it​ can be considered the​ most important aspect of​ learning to​ be a​ real estate investor!

Mindset is​ the​ foundation of​ real estate investment. in​ other words, if​ it's not solid, you cannot invest successfully. I don't know how to​ put it​ any plain-er.

I've known scores of​ folks who have WANTED to​ invest in​ real estate. These are usually acquaintances who find out somehow that I invest in​ rehab real estate. Invariable I here, “I've thought about doing that.” Sometimes I hear “I looked into that.” Sometimes they proceed to​ ask questions, but I find that most of​ the​ time the​ next word after the​ previous phrase is​ “…but” and​ then I hear an​ excuse.

These excuses range from “I couldn't find any property” to​ “the numbers scared me” to​ “I couldn't get a​ mortgage.”

What I'm thinking to​ myself is​ “these excuses have solutions, but they don't yet have the​ mindset to​ overcome these relatively minor hurdles.” in​ fact, unless someone ASKS me for​ specific advice on overcoming these hurdles, I don't offer advice. That's not because I don't want them to​ succeed! It's because their mindset is​ not yet right.

Let me tell you where I'm coming from on this topic.

My mindset was screwed up for​ 10 years! I was a​ real estate guru junkie! for​ a​ decaded I consumed every book about real estate investing on the​ market, attended seminars, and​ bought courses. I had “book knowledge” running out of​ my ears with ZERO property.

Finally, one day I realized that I was about to​ “retire” from the​ Navy, I REALLY didn't want to​ get a​ job, and​ my family still liked to​ eat! I changed my mindset, and​ put thoughts into action. the​ rest is​ history. What changed? Not my knowledge! My way of​ thinking changed.

Facing the​ end of​ my Navy career was the​ catalyst that got me started. if​ you haven't started, there is​ a​ catalyst in​ your life, you only need to​ find it​ and​ capitalize on it. Are you satisfied in​ your job? Want more time with family? Want more disposable income? Want to​ build your retirement savings? This list could get long!

This course is​ aimed at​ helping you capitalize on your action catalyst by developing your real estate investor mindset.

For those that are already investing, this course will serve to​ fine-tune your mindset to​ make you more profitable. the​ VERY SAME mindset ideas that make people launch successful real estate investment careers are the​ ones that keep investors successful over their real estate investing careers, be it​ 2 years or​ 20.

Let's get started!
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