The Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Powerful Gaming In A Box

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Powerful Gaming In A Box

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Console: Powerful Gaming in​ a​ Box
Gone are the​ days of​ drab, underpowered gaming consoles with limited features .​
the​ Microsoft Xbox 360 is​ here! It doesn't matter if​ you are a​ serious gamer or​ a​ mere hobbyist, the​ Xbox 360 that Microsoft launched in​ November 2018 is​ suitable for​ all players .​
It claims to​ have taken into consideration all the​ facets of​ ultimate gaming experience with this much-improved version of​ the​ original Microsoft Xbox that came out in​ November 2001.
Check your budget .​
Depending on what you can afford, you may start with the​ very basic core system composed of​ the​ light console, the​ wired controller and​ the​ composite AV cable; and​ when your budget allows you to​ purchase other peripherals one by one for​ the​ enhancement of​ your total gaming experience, maybe you'd want to​ change your wired controller with the​ wireless model, or​ maybe you'd want to​ add in​ the​ Xbox Live headset for​ amplification of​ sound effects to​ a​ mind-boggling level far above what your normal TV speakers could provide.
On the​ other hand, if​ you are one of​ those to​ whom money is​ no object, you may just go ahead and​ buy the​ entire Microsoft Xbox 360 system, where everything is​ all in​ (i.e., the​ console with premium chrome finish, a​ wireless controller, the​ Xbox Live headset, component hard drive-AV cable, the​ Ethernet cable that allows you to​ connect with the​ other players, and​ the​ hard drive that contains an​ array of​ original Xbox games and​ allows you to​ download even more games .​
Since the​ Xbox 360 allows up to​ four wireless controllers operating on one console, it​ lets you play with three other players simultaneously for​ that added fun and​ challenge in​ live competition.
The Microsoft Xbox 360 gives you total digital entertainment .​
You may amplify and​ enhance your music and​ movies to​ a​ soothingly soft or​ to​ a​ ripping loud volume .​
Connect to​ the​ Internet and​ instantly stream your music, digital home movies, photographs and​ graphics or​ any other files stored in​ your hard disk, memory and​ other digital media that are Microsoft Windows XP-based PC that you want to​ share with others .​

When attached to​ your TV, the​ Microsoft Xbox 360 takes advantage of​ the​ high-definition TV resolution in​ its full color and​ size that makes the​ game movie-like .​
Its anti-aliasing capability renders the​ animation flawlessly smooth and​ non-jerky, and​ the​ characters seem as​ though they are jumping out of​ the​ wide screen! When you are connected to​ the​ Internet via the​ Ethernet card, you have the​ Xbox Live headset, a​ facility that allows you to​ voice-chat with other players, thus combining active gaming with socialization.
There are games that are rated must-have because they are simply sensational with the​ Microsoft Xbox 360 .​
These include Dead or​ Alive 4, Call of​ Duty 2 for​ the​ best WWII shooter, King Kong for​ great effects and​ Need for​ Speed Most Wanted for​ racing fans .​
For some odd reasons, some games that run with excellent audio and​ video effects using the​ first version of​ Xbox don't run as​ well in​ the​ Xbox 360; these include Madden NFL 06, NBA Live 06 .​
This must be given immediate attention by the​ Microsoft people because it​ is​ a​ source of​ great disappointment for​ hardcore gamers and, in​ some cases, could be a​ deal-breaker.

Pressure is​ on for​ movie makers and​ game programmers/manufacturers to​ properly and​ visibly indicate the​ appropriate rating of​ their products on the​ packaging to​ provide guidance for​ buyers .​
In this regard, it​ is​ an​ added attraction to​ parents that the​ Microsoft Xbox 360 has settings that allow them to​ control how it​ is​ used by their children .​
The box has Family Settings which enable parents to​ shield their children from unsavory or​ unwholesome contacts .​
Family Settings perform two functions on the​ Xbox 360 console-to allow or​ restrict access to​ offline games and/or DVD movies, and​ access to​ online contact and​ content via the​ Xbox Live environment.
ESRB is​ the​ regulating body that takes care of​ rating the​ propriety or​ impropriety of​ a​ game or​ movie based on age .​
ESRB's restrictions on games are EC (early childhood) for​ children below 6 years old, containing no inappropriate materials at​ all; E (everyone) for​ children younger than 13, and​ these have minimal violence and​ comic mischief but are substantial for​ character building .​
Some Xbox 360 games with an​ E rating include Ridge Racer 6 and​ NBA 2K6.
The rest of​ the​ ESRB ratings are: T (teen), which may also contain minimal violence, mild-to-strong language and/or suggestive themes; M (mature 17+) containing mature sexual themes or​ more intense violence and​ language; AO (adults only, for​ players aged 18+), which may include more graphic sexual themes and/or violence; and​ RP (rating pending) for​ games that have not been officially released yet.
With the​ safeguard placed by the​ Family Settings of​ the​ Microsoft Xbox 360 console, the​ parent feels safe buying the​ system for​ their kids .​
So, whatever the​ gaming preference of​ the​ child - or​ the​ parent! -- Microsoft Xbox 360 promises to​ satisfy them.

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