The Men And Womens Clog In Review

The Men and Women’s Clog in​ Review
Clog shoes were extremely popular in​ the 70’s and they are making quite a​ comeback .​
They are defined by their design in​ general .​
Most clogs you will find have open backs and can be slipped on .​
The traditional clog was one with a​ wooden sole and a​ leather top .​
They have a​ toe that is​ rounded and a​ little upturned .​
The shoes remind you of​ a​ more modern version of​ the Little Dutch shoes .​
They are very trendy indeed .​
Today you can find clogs with backs as​ well .​
They look very much like the traditional clogs; however they have that extra backing to​ help you keep your shoe on your foot .​
Clogs are also so popular because they are very comfortable to​ wear .​
They are among the most comfortable shoe out there .​

Women’s Clogs
Women love their clogs .​
Clogs offer women the ease of​ just slipping your foot into your shoe and being on your way .​
Most women also love the fact that they can wear a​ breezy clog in​ the warmer weather without worrying about people seeing their toes .​
Some women use them specifically in​ times when their toe nails need a​ little extra attention that they have not gotten around to​ yet .​
Other women also love that they can still wear their clogs in​ cooler weather with socks .​
They are simply shoes that can go from one season to​ the next effortlessly .​

You will find women wearing traditional clogs with wood and leather, suede covered clogs, or​ even garden clogs .​
Many gardeners love to​ wear plastic clogs in​ their garden because they can be easily washed off and used over and over again .​
You can find garden clogs in​ most home and garden stores .​
Canvas clogs are becoming more popular as​ well .​
The clog looks like a​ tennis shoe; only it​ is​ backless, making it​ a​ clog .​
You can find very athletic versions or​ simple Keds versions of​ this type of​ clog .​

Men’s Clogs
Most men are afraid of​ wearing clogs .​
Traditionally only women wore clogs, which can scare the manliest of​ men away altogether .​
Those men who are brave enough to​ try them however end up loving them the most .​
Clogs for men are very masculine .​
They typically are a​ lot like sandals in​ many ways .​
They are brown or​ black and made of​ leather .​
Where women’s clogs often have a​ chunky heel, clogs for men don’t .​

Many men prefer to​ wear clogs with backs on them .​
They think it​ makes the shoe look manlier, which could be true to​ some .​
They can wear these interesting shoes to​ work, on the golf course, or​ even to​ church .​
Overall, they are very versatile which appeals to​ men.
Medical Clogs
More and more we are seeing medical clogs being used in​ hospitals and other medical facilities .​
Medical clogs are those with thick rubber soles .​
The upper area of​ the clog is​ usually made of​ rubber as​ well .​
These are perfect for nurses, doctors, and other medical staff .​
They are so great because they protect the staff’s feet from germs and potentially hazardous materials on the floor .​
Another benefit is​ that the medical clogs are slip resistant which helps the staff stay safe when their floor is​ wet .​
They can also be cleaned and disinfected very quickly and easily, which makes them even more appealing to​ medical staff .​
Their durability is​ attractive as​ well .​
Some medical facilities will not allow their staff to​ wear backless clogs however, so they must purchase clogs with backs on them .​
These rules are made to​ avoid any type of​ injury .​

Clog shoes are not only functional, but they are also very fashionable .​
If you want to​ build a​ well-rounded shoe collection, you should certainly have a​ few pairs of​ clogs in​ the mix .​
You can wear them with jeans, pants, or​ shorts .​
While you might want to​ avoid wearing them with dresses or​ skirts, there is​ always that one exception .​
So, try them out with every outfit you own to​ see when they work the best .​
And, don’t forget to​ use them in​ the garden or​ around the house to​ protect your feet .​
You can get your work done comfortably and be able to​ clean them easily after the job is​ complete.

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