The Meeting Planner Online Advantage The 8 Most Important Feature Of
Automated Systems

The Meeting Planner Online Advantage The 8 Most Important Feature Of Automated Systems

The Meeting Planner's Online Advantage: the​ 8 Most Important Features of​ Automated Systems
8 features of​ online registration systems which will improve your events TODAY:
1 .​
Many systems include over 15 standard email communications that can be customized, personalized and​ automated .​
Data is​ automatically collected in​ a​ database and​ at​ your fingertips for​ an​ unlimited number of​ reports; and​ downloadable in​ six different formats.
2 .​
Online events are easily integrated with ad hoc emails via built-in mail systems, online surveys, donations and​ membership and​ subscription management systems, creating a​ one-stop shop for​ all kinds of​ online services.
3 .​
Everything you create in​ an​ automated system can be customized to​ your company or​ organization's look and​ feel for​ a​ streamlined, consistent image through the​ entire process .​
Plus, your data is​ accessible to​ you in​ any number of​ formats through extensive custom and​ cross-event reporting functions.
4 .​
Why is​ this so important? Using a​ web-based system means that you, your co-workers, your vendors - anyone can be granted access to​ all or​ parts of​ your event information - instantly and​ in​ real-time - from any computer with Internet access .​
Essential for​ mobile professionals like you.
5 .​
This may seem like a​ no brainer, but make sure you test drive any system prior to​ making a​ purchase .​
If possible, attend a​ live demonstration of​ any product you are considering, and/or open a​ trial account to​ test their service yourself.
6 .​
The support team needs to​ be accessible, responsive and​ knowledgeable before, during and​ after your event .​
We just mentioned taking the​ system for​ a​ test drive .​
Along with that you should have access to​ technical support to​ answer any questions you have as​ you try out the​ system.
7 .​
Make sure your data is​ protected .​
Ask if​ the​ system is​ hacker-safe .​
If it​ complies with Visa security requirements .​
Have they ever had a​ security breach of​ any kind? .​
The company should exceed all standard security measures - even those mandated by government and​ university customers.
8 .​
Fast & stable
A good registration system is​ hosted on state of​ the​ art equipment, which makes response times minimal .​
System down time is​ also important – don't settle for​ anything less than 98% up time or​ better.

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