The Meeting Planner Online Advantage The 1 Myth About Online
Registration Systems

The Meeting Planner Online Advantage The 1 Myth About Online Registration Systems

We hear it​ over and​ over again: It's the​ number one myth about online registration systems that keeps many meeting planners from making their lives easier and​ their events more successful. We want to​ explore this myth, bring the​ truth out into the​ light so that everyone knows what online registration is​ really about.

The #1 Myth:

I know my current system isn’t perfect, but I’m comfortable with it. Plus, it​ would take too much time, money and​ headaches to​ switch to​ something better. I wouldn’t even know where to​ start.

Why is​ this myth completely false?

Because thousands of​ meeting planners said the​ same thing before they discovered that a​ high-quality automated system:

* is​ easy to​ implement without any technical knowledge
* Only takes a​ matter of​ hours to​ set up - and​ in​ some cases, less than an​ hour
* More than pays for​ itself – and​ is​ affordable to​ even the​ smallest meetings

How is​ this possible?

A few years ago, these systems were made available through your web browser. No software to​ buy, install, or​ maintain. You don’t have to​ figure out how to​ connect to​ your website. This entirely new type of​ service exists on the​ web, instead of​ on your office computers, allowing for​ anywhere, anytime, real-time access to​ your events and​ corresponding data.

* the​ benefits of​ a​ Web-based Service:
* You don’t need a​ technology department to​ use it
* You can turn it​ on immediately
* You control everything without having to​ wait – form changes, reports, accounting
* You can give immediate access to​ your colleagues anywhere in​ the​ world, anytime
* the​ security of​ your data will be many times greater
* You get to​ use a​ multi-million dollar online registration system for​ just a​ few dollars per registration.

I sincerely hope this article makes your conference and​ event registration even more successful!

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