The Many Benefits Of Vitamin A

The Many Benefits Of Vitamin A

We may fail to​ realize this but Vitamin a​ is​ one of​ the​ vitamins that offer numerous benefits. we​ can obtain vitamin a​ from food sources like animal kidney and liver,​ fish liver oils,​ fruits and vegetables that are yellow orange in​ color like melon,​ orange,​ mango,​ peach,​ carrots,​ and others which contain beta carotene (one of​ the​ components of​ vitamin A),​ dairy products like milk,​ cheese cream,​ butter and eggs and certain green vegetables like broccoli,​ spinach and lettuce. Beta Carotene can be converted into Vitamin a​ when more supply is​ required by the​ body.

One of​ the​ foremost benefits of​ Vitamin a​ is​ in​ helping promote better vision and eyesight. Studies have indicated that despite the​ advancement in​ medical practices and technology,​ there is​ still a​ growing increase statistically when it​ comes to​ people getting blind. Deficiency of​ this vitamin would often lead to​ weak vision which in​ the​ long run may lead to​ complications and eventually blindness. it​ has been noted that most accidents that occur while driving especially at​ night are caused mainly by people not being able to​ see where they are going or​ having what you call night blindness. if​ night blindness is​ not addressed immediately it​ may lead to​ permanent blindness in​ the​ long run. Vitamin a​ has long been used to​ help prevent this and has helped in​ restoring vision for those whose cases are not advanced.

Vitamin a​ has also been reputed to​ help you attain naturally healthy skin and maintain good complexion. it​ helps your skin retain moisture,​ prevent from having blackheads and breakouts and aids in​ the​ treatment of​ pimples and acne as​ well as​ other skin ailments. Vitamin a​ even helps in​ delaying the​ aging process that is​ why it​ is​ an​ important ingredient in​ most anti-aging products.

But the​ most important benefit that Vitamin a​ could provide is​ that it​ contains properties that could work against the​ dreaded cancer. Vitamin a​ helps protect against lung cancer. There have been studies conducted and it​ shows that vitamin a​ does play an​ important role against this sickness.

It is​ advised though that you don’t just prescribe by yourself to​ take any vitamin a​ supplement. it​ is​ best to​ consult a​ doctor for improper doses could be toxic for the​ body.

It is​ better to​ get enough vitamin a​ from healthy sources of​ it​ like fruits,​ vegetables and animal sources.

The Many Benefits Of Vitamin A

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