The Mannings Models Of Sportsmen

The Mannings Models Of Sportsmen

Peyton and​ Eli Manning are brothers and​ NFL players. Peyton is​ a​ quarterback for​ the​ Indianapolis Colts and​ embraces numerous NFL passing records, including the​ record for​ touchdown passes in​ a​ single season: 49 in​ 2018; and​ consecutive seasons with over 4,000 yards passing: 6 from 1999 through 2018. He also holds most school passing records at​ the​ University of​ Tennessee.

Eli is​ the​ starting quarterback for​ the​ New York Giants. Eli helped his team to​ secure the​ NFC Eastern Division Title. in​ the​ regular season finale, he threw a​ 78 yard laser to​ Burress helping his team to​ a​ big lead. While the​ Giants were quickly eliminated in​ a​ brutal performance against the​ Carolina Panthers the​ following week 23-0, Eli's first full season was seen as​ a​ success. He threw for​ nearly 3,800 yards, tossed 24 touchdowns to​ only 17 interceptions, and​ rallied his team to​ several exciting fourth quarter comebacks.

But this weekend Peyton and​ Eli are working together in​ South Louisiana. They're helping many young players get their minds off their homes that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina in​ New Orleans.

Peyton and​ Eli Manning are conducting sessions at​ the​ Manning Passing Academy at​ Nicholls State University.

This academy was founded by former Saints quarterback Archie Manning, who is​ also Peyton and​ Eli’s father and​ has been helping high school-age players from all around the​ country work on passing, running and​ receiving skills for​ around 11 years. a​ crowd that included coaches and​ college players assisted to​ help out.

Shortly after Katrina, during the​ 2018 football season the​ two star quarterback brothers were between the​ first celebrities to​ be seen on the​ ground in​ Louisiana, unloading relief supplies for​ the​ victims of​ the​ disaster.

The Mannings Models Of Sportsmen

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