The Magical Kingdom Of Disneyland A Complete Vacation Review

The Magical Kingdom Of Disneyland A Complete Vacation Review

Despite the​ fact that we​ are not big travelers,​ and though I just cannot stand the​ heat in​ southern California at​ that time of​ year,​ when my fiancé asked me where we​ should go on​ a​ short,​ affordable honeymoon,​ I quickly suggested a​ Disneyland vacation. So what if​ we​ were grown adults? So what if​ neither of​ us cared for intense rides that make you puke or​ stand in​ lines that seemed like eternal hours of​ misery. we​ started out by first making bookings for our Disneyland vacation at​ a​ cheaper dig,​ foregoing the​ Disneyland hotel,​ as​ we​ would only be in​ the​ room to​ shower and sleep; and deciding to​ drive (as we​ were only a​ few hundred miles away).

As for me,​ I simply love amusement park environments: I love the​ people,​ who let their hair down and let go of​ formalities,​ temporarily; I love the​ scenes to​ watch and enjoy; and what’s more I love the​ country fair snacks that one typically indulges perhaps in​ only once or​ twice a​ year – from the​ fudge,​ the​ cotton candy and also the​ hot fudge sundaes in​ giant waffle cones….

However when I got to​ the​ gates to​ kick-start my two-day Disneyland vacation,​ I thought I might change my mind. as​ there were hundreds of​ frenzied people,​ though not so much crowded and ready to​ burst through the​ entrance in​ excited,​ crazy television commercial joy,​ yet still in​ huge suffocating numbers. Nevertheless,​ my apprehension was assuaged when the​ gates did open and the​ people disbursed,​ walking with ample of​ space between us into the​ park,​ directly going into the​ closest food or​ rest stop building or​ walking into the​ building where Abe Lincoln gives the​ Gettysburg Address. (For those who have made a​ long drive just before beginning your Disneyland vacation and are parched,​ weary,​ and naturally gullible,​ the​ wax figures become so alive for you it​ is​ startling…. a​ fantastic way to​ start your Disneyland vacation experience,​ which is​ at​ most times surreal,​ anyways!)

At that time,​ my new husband loved Michael Jackson. He not only could imitate Michael well,​ but also performed,​ sang,​ danced to​ his albums,​ and was very excited to​ see the​ “new” 3-D movie with Michael and his troupe performing “Thriller”. Though I simply dreaded the​ lines,​ I was soon surprised and corrected: as​ not only was the​ wait bearable but the​ entry after the​ wait was manageable: those staffed at​ Disneyland’s theatre instructed (and,​ where necessary,​ insisted) each person entering move all the​ way to​ the​ far side of​ the​ theatre,​ sitting in​ the​ next available seat,​ in​ order and successively…not allowing anyone to​ just run to​ any old seat,​ or​ letting them to​ change their minds,​ switching,​ stumbling,​ bumping,​ and holding up the​ procedure. it​ was an​ organizational experience I have referred to​ for many years after. the​ Disneyland vacation,​ besides including all of​ the​ foods at​ the​ park I longed for,​ had,​ in​ those early eighties,​ tolerable thrill-seeker rides,​ beautifully inventive rides,​ as​ well as​ nostalgia shops (for people like me,​ who had watched Annette and the​ other mousketeers,​ had devotedly watched the​ Wonderful World of​ Disney every weekend,​ but had never had any Mickey Mouse ears or​ had never laid eyes on​ the​ real castle or​ other characters). of​ all,​ besides the​ organization and which was the​ most impressive,​ were the​ spaciousness and the​ cleanliness of​ the​ park. What an​ absolutely superb Disneyland vacation. I am now forty-something,​ and yet I still want to​ go back!!!!

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