The Longing A Review

The Longing A Review

The Longing: a​ Review
The Longing: Sincere Worship
If there was one thing I​ could tell you about The Longing it​ would be this: our single desire as​ a​ band is​ to​ be worshippers .​
The band’s website welcome says it​ all.
After spending the morning with The Longing’s new self-titled album, I​ can tell you they have stayed true to​ their mission .​
Offered by the exciting new media company, Indelible, The Longing blows a​ fresh wind across the worship genre, one with the capability to​ inspire and refresh those in​ the trenches .​
Headed by gifted songwriter Jason Ingram, himself refreshed by a​ God-ordained season of​ listening, The Longing has an​ organic, engaging sound that quickly brings David Crowder to​ mind, but also contains a​ hint of​ Euro-worship, i.e .​
Tim Hughes, Matt Redman .​
Which is​ not to​ say their sound is​ at​ all derivative; it​ is​ not .​
Part of​ what makes this project unique is​ its powerful sincerity .​
Several of​ the songs all but drip with humility, adoration and surrender .​
Ingram and company aim for the target of​ God’s own heart with these reverential songs, and provided a​ path of​ entry for true worshippers to​ follow .​

Upbeat opener Heal This Land immediately announces Ingram’s willingness to​ take corporate responsibility, confessing our desperate need for forgiveness and rescue .​
Ingram rises above the tired clichés of​ Christian lyricism, bringing both intelligence and authenticity to​ these songs of​ petition .​
His vocals ache with earnestness on melodic Salvation Songs, and the piano-driven rocker Unleashed reveals more of​ the depths of​ desire plumbed by The Longing:
As we lift up a​ thousand hallelujahs, Matchless One, unleash yourself on us.
Guest Christy Nockles brings her usual passion to​ the ode of​ surrender that is​ My Offering and the worship-laden hymn, My Jesus, I​ Love Thee .​
All of​ Me flows with the same desperate humility .​
Rocker Only Your Love is​ truly heart-stirring with its naked surrender, and yes, naked is​ the only appropriate term for this level of​ deep submission .​
Quiet closer Eyes on You ends the project perfectly, as​ the band relinquishes its collective heart once more in​ worship .​
There have not been many bands in​ recent times who have demonstrated more sincerity than the aptly titled The Longing .​
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