The Little Web Hosting Service That Shouldn T

The Little Web Hosting Service That Shouldn T

Is bigger better?

Everyone has their own opinion on that, including web hosting companies. They say it​ is. That's why when you look at​ their hosting packages, the​ feature list goes on and​ on and​ on. You'd think they cover their customers in​ gold with how much they apparently give away. Mail accounts, shopping carts, disk space, diesel generators - the​ works! But wait, along with that huge list of​ items you get, comes that huge price. Maybe you think you need all that stuff, though, so the​ price is​ justified. I mean why else would they include all this stuff if​ you didn't actually need it, right? You might not like the​ answer. the​ unfortunate but TRUE answer is​ that they believe the​ more features you see, the​ more likely you are to​ PURCHASE.

How do you fight back? By actually evaluating what it​ is​ they offer and​ figuring out if​ you'll actually NEED it. Why pay for​ something you won't use? if​ you're going to​ do that then, please - I need a​ new pair of​ shoes!

What you DON'T need.
Ok, let's look at​ some of​ the​ commonly useless items found on these lists.

Bandwidth. Basically that means "action" or​ "traffic". How much "action" do you think your site is​ going to​ get per month? Here's a​ great tip: if​ this is​ your first time, start out expecting less traffic. Most companies can give you that upgrade if​ you need it​ with a​ click of​ the​ button. Most people, though, are paying for​ bandwidth they NEVER use.

SSL. it​ stands for​ "Secure Sockets Layer" and​ it​ means you have a​ secure server. It's a​ great thing to​ have if​ you plan to​ accept credit card payments. You may also see shopping cart software, also useful if​ you have an​ Internet business. However, there are well over a​ billion Internet pages and​ the​ vast majority of​ them are not there to​ accept payments. Most of​ the​ Internet is​ simply about free information - giving it​ out and​ searching for​ it. Again, don't pay for​ something you simply don't need.

Search Engine Submissions. Sounds great, except most of​ the​ search engines are free to​ be a​ part of​ anyway. and​ if​ you are really looking to​ be ranked in​ the​ top 10 or​ 20, you're going to​ need to​ hire a​ professional. Don't think that because it​ says "free search engine submissions" that it​ will help your site rank higher. That's a​ business of​ its own.

Scripts. a​ script is​ a​ type of​ computer language like ASP, JSP, PHP, etc... if​ you could just pick the​ ones that you plan to​ use, that would be nice. But -whether you use 1, 2, or​ 4 - you're going to​ pay for​ all 12 every month. it​ is​ more wasted money that most people just don't pay attention to.

Catch-all Email accounts. Here's how they work: I want to​ spam your website so I type in​ You think you won't receive my spam email because you never created an​ account called "webhost". Well, if​ you DIDN'T have a​ catch-all email account, you wouldn't get my spam, but since you do have a​ catch-all email account - who knows what I can dump into that bin. if​ someone can't get even the​ first part of​ your email address correct, do you really want to​ receive that email?

Be Smart.
This small list is​ just a​ part of​ the​ actual list. the​ full list of​ useless material you pay for​ would at​ least double this one. Imagine how that affects your bill. So, as​ you are shopping around for​ your web host, first understand what you NEED and​ then find a​ trusted company that matches that. Because anything else is​ just flushing your money away.

The Little Web Hosting Service That Shouldn T

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