The List Of The Most Essential Tanning Bed Supplies

The List Of The Most Essential Tanning Bed Supplies

A sunless tanning business is​ a​ sure way to​ make a​ profit by cashing in​ on the​ fashion trends that tan skins is​ more attractive than pale. for​ those who love the​ look of​ summer sun kissed skin, they can keep it​ all year round by visiting the​ tanning salon.

Tanning salon businesses run throughout the​ year, but it​ seems they are busiest when people are preparing for​ the​ upcoming summer season. They want to​ look good in​ their shorts and​ bathing suits before actually going out in​ the​ sunny weather. That being said, a​ good tanning salon needs to​ make sure it​ is​ always prepared for​ the​ start of​ summer and​ the​ winter vacation travel seasons alike.
Keeping a​ Supply of​ Tanning Bed Supplies
It takes a​ lot to​ keep a​ tanning business running smoothly. to​ be sure you are ready for​ the​ rush, check that the​ following is​ always on hand or​ under some sort of​ automatic ordering system, so you are never caught with burnt out bulbs or​ lack of​ disinfectant. the​ supplies can be divided into two categories: the​ must have and​ then supplies that are a​ convenience for​ customers.

Bulbs Disinfectant spray and​ paper towels Sunless tanning lotions Skin conditioning lotions UV protecting eye wear Disposable eye protection.

The bulbs are essential to​ getting the​ most from the​ tanning experience. if​ a​ customer comes and​ the​ bulbs are not at​ 100 percent, then they will be cheated of​ the​ whole tanning session. Set up automatic delivery and​ a​ routine schedule for​ changing out old bulbs. Newer bulbs will provide a​ faster tanning experience.

Sanitation should be of​ the​ utmost concern. Many people tan completely naked and​ need a​ sanitized bed upon which to​ lie. it​ is​ extremely important that each time someone uses a​ tanning bed that it​ is​ sprayed with disinfectant spray and​ wiped down with disposable paper towels.
Niceties for​ Good Customer Relations
Lotions and​ crèmes that enhance the​ tanning experience are a​ nice (and also lucrative) extra that tanning salon owners can provide customers. the​ indoor tanning products help bring out a​ richer tan under this type of​ UV light. the​ conditioning lotions care for​ skin between visits as​ the​ lights can be drying to​ skin if​ proper care isn’t taken.

Eye protection is​ essential, but providing it​ on site is​ an​ added benefit. the​ eyelid skin is​ too thin to​ protect the​ eye so, special goggles must be worn. if​ a​ first time customer comes into the​ salon they may not be aware of​ the​ need for​ the​ eye protection and​ will be unprepared. You can sell them on the​ spot a​ pair of​ goggles or​ offer a​ disposable pair for​ one time use. These discs form into a​ cone and​ reflect the​ light. They are slightly adhesive and​ stick gently to​ the​ skin around the​ eye.

Tanning bed supplies such as​ these will make for​ a​ smooth running operation. the​ effect of​ a​ well stocked salon will keep customers returning season after season.

The List Of The Most Essential Tanning Bed Supplies

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