The Letter Review

The Letter Review

As a​ writer, I think The Letter must have been a​ very interesting challenge for author Roxanna Russell. This work of​ fiction is​ actually a​ collection of​ 14 short stories – each revolving around some kind of​ letter; the Suicide Note, the Closure Letter, Love Letter, Fan Letter and so on. Yet the book is​ also a​ novel, in​ that each chapter is​ centered on a​ particular family and each chapter ties into the next.

The three main characters are Mark, his wife, Carol and his son Jack. Mark and Carol meet in​ dire circumstances, fall in​ love and raise children who grow into adults with lives of​ their own. Each major life altering moment is​ accentuated with an​ accompanying letter written by someone in​ the family.

The author’s humor, love and appreciation of​ people in​ her live are apparent within the first few pages of​ The Letter. She brings up issues so subtly that you hardly know they are there. For instance, is​ it​ wrong for Jan to​ sell herself to​ save her father? I think not. The Letter reinforces that intent is​ what weighing the rights and wrongs of​ life decisions really boils down to.

It was both a​ pleasure and an​ honor to​ read The Letter.

ISBN#: 1-4137-9311-8
Author: Roxanna Russell
Publisher: Publish America

The Letter Review

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