The Lessons Of The Gambler Or Getting The Most Out Of Your Online Casino Experience

The Lessons Of The Gambler Or Getting The Most Out Of Your Online
Casino Experience

People are just wild about gambling (ourselves included),​ and that goes for the​ brick-and-mortar and online casino varieties both. It’s a​ rush -- like a​ roller coaster -- a​ visceral experience that gets our heart pumping,​ our blood racing,​ and our neurons firing. And in​ the​ excitement of​ it​ all,​ far too often,​ when we’re immersed in​ the​ thrill of​ the​ online casino experience,​ we​ leave our heads at​ the​ door.

But Kenny Rogers had it​ right: You’ve got to​ know when to​ hold ‘em,​ when to​ fold ‘em,​ when to​ walk away,​ and when to​ run.

A gambler needs to​ know his game. He needs to​ know when he’s in​ good shape and when he isn’t. He needs to​ know his odds at​ any given moment -- not necessarily the​ exact figure,​ but a​ general idea for sure. And he needs to​ know how to​ respond accordingly.

More often than not,​ this means stepping back. in​ poker,​ this means folding. Not every hand is​ worth playing. We’ll say that again -- not every hand is​ worth playing. One clear sign of​ a​ novice at​ the​ poker table is​ indiscriminately calling every last bet.

In blackjack,​ this means staying. in​ craps or​ roulette,​ this means placing more conservative types of​ bets and taking a​ break from those riskier though potentially more rewarding bets where the​ house advantage is​ astronomical. in​ slots (or any online casino game,​ for that matter),​ it​ could mean taking a​ break,​ period. You can always go back later. the​ online casino will still be there,​ welcoming you with open arms.

Here’s what you do. Pick a​ dollar amount you plan to​ gamble that session and then stick to​ it. Decide on​ a​ strategy for dealing with winnings also,​ so that if​ you like you can prolong your online casino experience without blowing all you’ve just gained. Whatever you do,​ don’t chase your losses -- that’s the​ surest way to​ keep on​ losing. an​ excellent rule of​ thumb (that we​ know you’ve heard before) -- quit while you’re ahead.

Keep in​ mind as​ well that you can (and probably will) get tired,​ the​ longer you play. Untold hours can pass like seconds when you’re playing at​ an​ online casino -- almost like magic. And just like the​ body in​ an​ athletic activity,​ the​ mind so engaged can and will grow fatigued,​ even when you’re sitting in​ your most comfortable chair,​ in​ your most comfortable clothes,​ with your refrigerator and bathroom both just a​ hop,​ skip,​ and jump away.

You do yourself (or your wallet,​ or​ your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/child) no favors by continuing to​ play while you’re tired. Pause before you get exhausted. One of​ the​ greatest things about an​ online casino is​ that it’s always there and open for business whenever you’re ready to​ go back. No harm will come in​ calling it​ quits while you recuperate.

And speaking of​ recuperating,​ never borrow money or​ dip into savings to​ bet at​ the​ online casino in​ an​ effort to​ recover your losses. See above about chasing losses. we​ believe we’ve made that point perfectly clear,​ yes?

The singular key to​ getting the​ most out of​ your online casino experience is​ to​ have the​ right motivation in​ playing there in​ the​ first place. if​ you are playing at​ the​ online casino purely to​ make money,​ you will be sorely disappointed. - maybe not 100% of​ the​ time (and this alone is​ what makes the​ industry thrive so) but ultimately,​ and again and again. Sadly (but truly) windfalls are few and far between. the​ online casino is​ not the​ place for you to​ earn a​ living or​ to​ get out of​ debt.

What’s it​ there for,​ then? in​ a​ word -- fun. You play at​ the​ online casino to​ have fun. as​ long as​ you’re having a​ good time,​ play on. But the​ instant it​ stops being fun,​ take a​ break. Come back later. You play at​ the​ online casino for recreation -- and if​ you keep that in​ mind first and foremost then no matter the​ roll of​ the​ dice or​ the​ deal of​ the​ cards,​ you can’t lose.

The Lessons Of The Gambler Or Getting The Most Out Of Your Online
Casino Experience

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