The Latest Vacuum Cleaning Equipment Is Not Your Mothers Old Machine

The Latest Vacuum Cleaning Equipment Is Not Your Mothers Old Machine

There was a​ time not to​ long ago when a​ vacuum cleaner was basically the​ same machine no matter where or​ how it​ was purchased. in​ previous times, the​ decision on what vacuum cleaner to​ purchase was based more on the​ "extras" the​ salesman offered but more often than not, it​ was the​ financing arrangements that were available.

Like now, most families could ill afford the​ additional expense of​ replacing home appliances, what few that were available. the​ vacuum cleaner however was one piece of​ equipment that was considered almost a​ necessity once it​ was used, especially with the​ advent of​ wall to​ wall carpet.

Many homes pre-1960 didn't have wall to​ wall carpet but instead relied on area rugs for​ floor coverings. These large rugs could be taken out to​ the​ backyard, hung over a​ fence or​ clothesline and​ beaten with a​ carpet beater to​ remove ground in​ soil.

Vacuum cleaners removed the​ need to​ take rugs out of​ the​ house for​ cleaning. Today however, there are several carpet cleaning technologies available. Two of​ the​ most popular types of​ vacuum cleaner technologies include HEPA filtration and​ bagless.

Both technologies have the​ champions and​ like everything else have their positives and​ negatives. the​ positive with HEPA filtration is​ that small particulate dirt is​ better captured. This allows for​ a​ cleaner exhaust and​ theoretically, a​ cleaner indoor environment. the​ negative with HEPA type filters is​ that because they capture the​ finer dirt particles, they tend to​ need more frequent bag or​ filter replacement. Another potential issue is​ that as​ the​ HEPA filter captures more dirt, it​ also tends to​ lose some suction power as​ the​ filters fill.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are exactly what the​ name suggests. Bagless vacuum equipment typically features a​ cup or​ hard plastic container that captures the​ dirt during use. This makes emptying a​ lot easier and​ the​ amount of​ consumables like vacuum bags and​ filters is​ a​ lot less.

Consider not only the​ technology but the​ ease of​ use, general quality of​ the​ equipment, weight if​ you're going to​ carry it​ up and​ down stairs, etc. Onboard tools are nice but why carry around all that extra weight when not needed. Every vacuum technology has their share of​ people who love and​ people who hate it. the​ key is​ to​ find the​ vacuum cleaner you like.

The Latest Vacuum Cleaning Equipment Is Not Your Mothers Old Machine

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