The Latest In Versatile Gizmos Multifunction Tools

The Latest In Versatile Gizmos Multifunction Tools

The tool industry is​ beginning to​ understand what the​ electronics industry has known for years: Gizmos and gadgets that pack more in,​ pack more punch with consumers.

Shoppers have been snapping up all-in-one cell phones that let you e-mail,​ surf the​ Web and shoot photos. And many are likely to​ be wowed by the​ latest TVs expected to​ soon hit the​ market,​ which can record shows,​ store digital music and access satellite programming without the​ need for additional set-top boxes.

Now,​ it​ would seem,​ it's the​ tool industry's turn. Today's tool sets and individual handheld tools are not only more compact,​ but are built for multitasking. Companies such as​ Sheffield Mfg.,​ for example,​ are taking their best-selling products and reinventing them for a​ wide array of​ applications.

A hammer is​ no longer just a​ hammer-it's a​ "jack-of-all-trades" with several other implements built into the​ handle. Take Sheffield's 14-in-1 Deluxe Hammer Multi-Tool,​ for instance. This striking implement is​ a​ complete tool set with a​ wood handle and brass finish. Fitting nicely in​ the​ palm of​ your hand,​ it​ encompasses 14 gadgets such as​ screwdrivers,​ pliers and blades of​ various sizes.

Then there's the​ screwdriver. Screwdrivers now come with multiple bits ranging from slotted and Phillips to​ star,​ all fitted within the​ tool handle to​ facilitate easy changeover-thus eliminating the​ need for a​ drawer full of​ different screwdrivers to​ complete a​ project.

"As the​ trend moves towards multitasking,​ several new products have been engineered specifically to​ meet this need,​" said Steve Maltese,​ Sheffield director of​ marketing. "The 14-in-1 Deluxe Hammer Multi-Tool is​ a​ staple item for every do-it-yourselfer who wants to​ do more with less. Storage is​ also a​ factor. Whether you live on​ a​ farm in​ the​ Midwest or​ a​ small apartment in​ a​ city,​ a​ complete tool set that can fit into a​ kitchen junk drawer or​ car glove box is​ innately appealing."

The suggested retail price for the​ Hammer Multi-Tool is​ $14.99 and it​ can be purchased at​ AutoZone,​,​ Sportsman's Warehouse,​ Tractor Supply Stores and other fine retailers. All products manufactured by Sheffield Mfg. are high quality,​ competitively priced and come with a​ limited lifetime warranty.

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