The Latest In Skin Care A Face Full Of Snake Venom

The Latest In Skin Care A Face Full Of Snake Venom

Snakes tend to​ have a​ negative reputation in​ most cultures. the​ image of​ the​ tempting serpent is​ often used to​ evoke the​ tragedy of​ the​ original sin in​ Judaism and Christianity. Most English-speaking people would give the​ phrase “a brood of​ vipers” a​ very negative connotation,​ often using it​ to​ metaphorically refer to​ a​ group of​ individuals engaged in​ unsavory activities. a​ snake bite is​ often fear not for the​ fangs but because of​ the​ venom of​ the​ serpent. Even though the​ typical venomous snake does not always have potent enough venom to​ kill an​ adult person,​ the​ danger levels are still very high.

However,​ recent studies have shown that snake venom is​ not all that bad. Some snakes have venom that has potential medical uses,​ with one of​ them being linked to​ skin care. Yes,​ snake venom can be used for skin care.

To be specific,​ the​ venom of​ the​ Temple viper has been found to​ contain a​ compound that could be of​ great use to​ skin care and cosmetics. a​ tripeptide protein found in​ the​ venom of​ the​ Temple viper,​ which has been successfully synthesized by Canadian cosmetics company Euoko,​ has properties that make it​ very similar to​ the​ popular Botox. the​ component in​ the​ venom that has this ability,​ a​ protein known as​ Walgerlin-1,​ has potent uses as​ a​ muscle relaxant and anesthetic. the​ protein in​ the​ venom can be dangerous to​ humans,​ even when introduced topically,​ but experts claim that this is​ only due to​ the​ sheer concentration in​ Temple Viper Venom. the​ synthetic protein used has a​ lower concentration and is​ being advertised as​ a​ safe product to​ use; one which is​ more effective than Botox in​ removing wrinkles and making skin appear younger.

The protein is​ believed to​ relax muscles and inhibits muscle contraction. in​ large enough amounts,​ it​ can result in​ temporary loss of​ movement,​ but in​ controlled amounts,​ it​ can smooth skin tissue and remove wrinkles. the​ formula used by Euoko is​ also said to​ contain a​ mix of​ vitamins,​ minerals,​ amino acids,​ and proteins that strengthen the​ skin,​ support the​ effect of​ the​ tripeptide main ingredient,​ and ease the​ transition of​ the​ chemical into the​ skin. This not only gives it​ a​ more nourishing effect than Botox,​ but it​ also makes it​ easier to​ use on​ people. the​ current formula developed by Euoko does not require an​ injection and can be applied topically,​ which many customers have been known to​ view as​ an​ advantage over most other products of​ this sort.
According to​ Euoko,​ they have done extensive internal testing to​ ensure that the​ formula is​ safe for use and does not have any of​ the​ highly toxic effects of​ Temple viper venom. They also claim that various third-party,​ independent laboratories were contracted to​ conduct tests to​ make sure that the​ synthetic venom does not have any toxic effects. While it​ is​ possible that very sensitive individuals might develop some nasty side effects,​ Euoko claims that there is​ absolutely no danger of​ dying because of​ using their snake venom-based skin care treatment.

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