The Latest Forms Of Stuttering Treatments

The Latest Forms Of Stuttering Treatments

If you suffer from the​ speech impediment known as​ stuttering, you are not alone. Latest figures suggest that around one percent of​ the​ population of​ England has a​ stutter or​ stammer and​ that the​ majority of​ these people are male. in​ this article I write about the​ latest stuttering treatments that are available.

I am somebody who had a​ stutter which originated when I was four years of​ age. it​ was to​ continue to​ ruin my life for​ the​ next eighteen years and​ had a​ damaging affect on my self-confidence and​ self-esteem. I had major problems saying certain words beginning with certain letters and​ was constantly trying to​ avoid these type of​ words.

This is​ not always easy to​ do however and​ I will never forget one particular English lesson when I was around fourteen years of​ age. I was involved in​ a​ class quiz in​ which we all had to​ answer simple general knowledge questions. it​ was a​ quick fire quiz and​ as​ the​ teacher went around asking each pupil a​ question in​ turn, I became more and​ more nervous. Finally it​ was my go and​ I was asked to​ answer which city was the​ capital of​ France. I knew the​ answer but the​ demons in​ my head advised me not to​ give the​ answer, as​ they reminded me that I was unable to​ say words beginning with p. I was not sure what to​ do as​ I could not exactly substitute the​ word Paris to​ Lyon. I would do anything to​ avoid stuttering and​ stated that I did not know the​ answer. This was not good as​ everyone then believed that not only did I have a​ speech impediment, but that I was also rather stupid.

Ten years ago at​ the​ age of​ twenty-two, I am happy to​ report that I managed to​ overcome my own stutter. This was after a​ year long program of​ self-help stuttering therapy. This included long periods of​ observing how good fluent people were talking compared to​ me and​ also be reading many self-help type books. These books included areas such as​ mind over matter, success and​ positive thinking and​ were a​ huge help in​ improving my whole life.

There are many types of​ stuttering treatments now available, certainly a​ lot more than when I had a​ stutter. There is​ the​ normal and​ traditional speech therapy route. This is​ where most people start and​ this type of​ treatment is​ of​ use, however most speech therapists do not believe that you can overcome a​ stutter, this for​ me says it​ all. My answer to​ them is, have you ever heard of​ Bruce Willis? I attended speech therapy, however I must admit I did not go to​ the​ sessions with the​ right attitude. I did not believe that they could help me and​ that their methods of​ advising me to​ speak slower and​ to​ breathe deeply were floored, as​ this was not how my friends were talking. I also did not think that they could ever fully understand what I was going through as​ they have never had a​ stuttering problem themselves.

The latest stuttering treatments include one-to-one speech courses, group speech courses, self-help ebooks and​ also self-help dvds. in​ my opinion the​ one-to-one speech courses are currently the​ best option to​ take and​ will give you the​ best chance of​ attaining fluency. I do understand though that the​ self-help options can be very appealing to​ a​ lot of​ people, firstly because of​ the​ affordability factor and​ also because of​ the​ obvious fact that a​ lot of​ people who stutter do not have the​ confidence to​ attend a​ speech course.

More and​ more people are seeking help to​ eradicate their stutter and​ no longer accept second best in​ their lives.

Good luck in​ your quest to​ achieve your goal of​ fluent speech.

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