The Latest Advertising Craze

The Latest Advertising Craze

The Latest Advertising Craze
With the​ internet still in​ its infancy stage, there is​ always the​ next big thing when it​ comes to​ advertising .​
the​ first one was e-mail marketing, the​ people that started e-mail marketing in​ the​ very beginning have made and​ will continue to​ make loads of​ money .​
if​ done properly with no spam and​ with a​ highly targeted list, as​ long as​ you have a​ solid product, e mail advertising will make you loads of​ money .​

Then came the​ pop up and​ in​ my opinion that was not good for​ anyone .​
Pop-ups are annoying even if​ you do click on them every now and​ then, they are still annoying .​
It's sort of​ like when you move from your home you have to​ handle everything in​ your house, whether you are moving it​ to​ take with you, or​ if​ you are going to​ be throwing out, it​ has to​ be handled .​
Pop up ads have to​ be handled.
Fast forward past all of​ the​ obvious ways to​ advertise online .​
Now we come to​ the​ pixel craze, and​ that is​ the​ next big thing .​
Some of​ the​ best money making stories are the​ most simple, who would have ever thought that people wanted a​ yellow piece of​ paper with sticky stuff on the​ back? the​ guy that started the​ Million Dollar Home Page was a​ 21 year old college student that made a​ million dollars in​ less then 6 months .​
Advertising dollars are always going to​ be part of​ internet commerce .​
Web sites cannot be profitable on free advertising and​ search engine traffic only .​
You have to​ have a​ realistic advertising budget that will go as​ far as​ it​ possibly can .​

Now for​ a​ variation of​ pixel pages .​
Word pages are the​ next big thing .​
Word pages use words instead of​ pictures which is​ a​ much more targeted form of​ advertising .​
When you read a​ word your mind translates it​ into a​ picture, when you see a​ picture your mind translates it​ to​ words then back to​ a​ picture, which takes just a​ little longer .​
That's why the​ simplest ads still work, How to..., Act Now,,, etc etc .​
Word pages also offer alot of​ bang for​ your buck, the​ pages that have a​ certain theme have a​ loyal following, which means return visitors .​
Add the​ people that purchased a​ word along with the​ site being heavily marketed by the​ webmaster, it​ is​ probably the​ best $100 that you can spend on advertising .​
One simple rule on the​ internet is​ that you have to​ spend money to​ make money, word page advertising you buy once and​ it​ is​ there forever or​ until the​ agreement expires .​

Find a​ word page about your niche and​ see How To Get the​ Most for​ your Advertising Dollar so Act Now and​ get in​ on the​ next big thing.

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