The Kitchen Tv

The Kitchen Tv

The kitchen space has undergone a​ revolution. Gone are the​ days when the​ kitchen was a​ place for​ work and​ everyone was entertained separately in​ the​ living room. Now kitchens are open planned and​ guests are being entertained on barstools at​ breakfast bars and​ half tables. the​ preparation of​ the​ meal has now become the​ entertainment with guests being asked to​ help out with simple tasks while refreshments and​ nibbles are consumed. Gone too are the​ days of​ spending solitary confinement in​ the​ kitchen. Kitchens have now become more communal with all the​ electronic entertainment making its transition from the​ living areas of​ the​ home. One of​ the​ most important pieces of​ entertainment has been the​ television set or​ commonly known as​ the​ kitchen tv. the​ kitchen tv has now become more common place in​ the​ kitchen. Just think there is​ nothing worse than trying to​ cook a​ meal and​ missing out on the​ evening news or​ even worse, a​ cooking demonstration by Jamie. This is​ where a​ kitchen tv has found a​ place.

The kitchen tv has also evolved beyond a​ budget 14 inch box perched on top of​ the​ refrigerator with funny rabbit ears. With the​ cost of​ LCD and​ plasma tv’s coming down in​ price, the​ smaller ones are becoming highly favoured for​ use in​ the​ kitchen. the​ new technology screens are so flat that they can easily be mounted anywhere, where there is​ a​ vacant space. There are also water proof versions available. the​ kitchen tv can be mounted directly onto the​ wall in​ a​ fixed position or​ onto a​ hinged bracket that can be swivelled for​ optimum viewing. if​ available wall space is​ a​ problem, then there are kitchen tv models that can unfold from the​ ceiling and​ swivel.

Technology has also solved the​ overall size issue and​ extra stuff is​ packed into a​ small package. You can now get a​ kitchen tv that has a​ built in​ dvd player. Optional extras can be hard drive storage to​ USB connections for​ mp3 players or​ ipods. Because of​ the​ kitchen tv there is​ no longer a​ need for​ a​ hifi system. the​ sound quality on most kitchen tvs has enough volume and​ quality for​ even the​ discerning ear.

Safety is​ always an​ important consideration with all electrical equipment. to​ avoid electric shock be sure to​ mount a​ kitchen tv far enough away from any wet areas such as​ sink benches or​ dishwashers. the​ rule is​ that you should not be able to​ touch both wet area and​ kitchen tv at​ the​ same time. Even if​ the​ kitchen tv is​ not faulty it​ is​ possible to​ build up a​ reasonable static charge on the​ plastic surface, which will discharge thru you to​ any earthed objects such as​ a​ kitchen sink bench. Water proof models are a​ good choice if​ you are considering installing a​ kitchen tv close to​ a​ wet area.

A useful tip is​ to​ always use a​ remote control for​ your kitchen tv. Cover the​ remote control in​ plastic wrap or​ put it​ into a​ plastic bag. This will keep the​ remote control clean and​ protect it​ from water and​ oil spills. When installing your kitchen tv, remember to​ position it​ where you can see it​ clearly in​ the​ part of​ the​ kitchen that you work the​ most. This is​ because you can watch pre recorded or​ live kitchen tv shows of​ cooking demonstrations to​ help you along the​ way. You can follow the​ demonstration as​ you cook. Have fun in​ the​ kitchen.

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