The Kitchen Rebellion

The Kitchen Rebellion

“If particular care and attention is​ not paid to​ the ladies, we are determined to​ foment a​ rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in​ which we have no voice or​ representation.” -
Abigail Adams, Former US First Lady

In the book “The Animal Farm,” George Orwell wrote about the peculiar human phenomenon of​ rebellion. The animals led by the pigs rebelled against the Manor Farm and their human master, Mr. Jones. These animals rebelled because they wanted equality, or​ more appropriately, equality with human beings. in​ the end, they were able to​ attain victory and decided to​ run the farm all by themselves.
Today, there is​ a​ rebellion that is​ heating up much like what the animal characters conspired to​ do in​ the said book. This uprising is​ the “rebellion of​ women” in​ society. Today's sexist society has limited women by confining them within the bounds of​ the kitchen, beauty pageants, and prostitution. These women are often abused physically and are often the butt of​ many jokes. Society, men in​ particular, have had their share of​ nasty jokes pertaining to​ women.
The society that is​ dominated by men practices double-standards when it​ comes to​ women. For example, if​ a​ woman gets drunk and gets raped, she is​ to​ be blamed because she asked for it. The women is​ to​ be blamed and not the man who cannot and did not even try to​ control his libido. a​ wrong deed is​ wrong no matter how beautiful we present it. in​ culture, the self-esteem of​ the typical male is​ defined by his trophies—the women he has gone to​ bed with. The females, on the other hand, are defined by their virginal virtues. Perhaps, calling for equality between men and women is​ not too much to​ ask.
According to​ reports, violence against young girls and women is​ a​ major human rights and health concern. Physical, sexual, and psychological abuse takes place in​ the family, and in​ the general community. These may include battering, sexual abuse of​ children, rape and other practices degrading to​ women. it​ added that domestic violence is​ the most common form of​ violence that is​ linked to​ gender. Studies reveal that rape of​ women, whether attempted or​ consummated, is​ mostly perpetrated by a​ male intimate partner or​ former-partner. This form of​ sexual crime and abuse leads to​ stress and anxiety in​ the lives of​ women. The epidemic of​ sexual abuse had become so alarming that even celebrities had to​ take a​ stand to​ protect the rights of​ women. One such celebrity was the late Princess Diana, who as​ some would say, had become an​ advocate for women's rights and an​ inspiration to​ many abused women..including the the sick, the discriminated, and the homeless. She left a​ legacy that will be remembered for a​ lifetime. Her life became a​ channel through which coping with anxiety for women had become easier. Her compassion and good heart made her more beautiful in​ the eyes of​ the world. Sadly, she died almost ten years ago without seeing the wide acceptance of​ women's rights as​ a​ cause.
In George Orwell's book, the death of​ “Old Major” was used to​ convey the lesson about the perils of​ rebellion. He was well-respected by the farm animals because of​ his knowledge and wisdom. in​ the story, Old Major died three days after sharing his vision and teaching to​ the farm animal. His death became an​ inspiration to​ the farm revolution where the animals won.
Maybe the death of​ Princess Diana will be the spark of​ this revolution of​ women. The revolution that would free them of​ bounds of​ the kitchen, beauty pageants, prostitution, and abuse. The true essence of​ a​ woman will not be measured by her virginal values, her beautiful face, or​ the physique she displays. The true essence of​ a​ woman is​ her ability to​ share her love to​ others and the society she lives in. Women need not to​ be conformed to​ beauty contests or​ the kitchen. The kitchen rebellion will take place. And it​ will succeed.

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