The Killer Squeeze Page Strategies

The Killer Squeeze Page Strategies

In the​ world of​ Internet Marketing, the​ subscriber / email list is​ considered the​ most important part of​ the​ business and​ even more important than the​ sales itself. as​ a​ result, marketers dedicate a​ large amount of​ time and​ money to​ collect a​ "list" of​ highly targeted subscribers.

Building a​ highly targeted subscriber list is​ probably the​ most profitable thing you can do on the​ internet. a​ highly targeted list of​ email subscriber allows the​ owner to​ market either his products and​ service or​ other people’s products with a​ fairly high guarantee of​ success. However, with the​ proliferation of​ spam, consumers are very careful about giving out their email addresses.

The best way to​ get people on to​ subscribe to​ your list in​ the​ first place is​ to​ build a​ squeeze page (also called a​ landing page). a​ squeeze page is​ a​ simple page that had a​ headline, some text and​ allows visitors to​ register their name and​ email address in​ the​ field provided. Squeeze page also could be used as​ a​ tool to​ ease consumer concerns, experienced online businesses create "Squeeze Pages" that detail what the​ subscriber will be receiving and​ the​ businesses privacy standards.

A Squeeze page is​ not purely a​ web page that provides a​ capture form. a​ squeeze page’s main purpose is​ to​ generate leads where the​ major purpose of​ the​ page or​ site captures a​ name and​ email address. Squeeze page is​ created to​ draw the​ focus and​ attention of​ the​ visitor to​ applying action to​ one thing, opt in​ to​ your list for​ more information. as​ a​ general rule, Internet Marketers try to​ keep the​ content on their Squeeze Pages to​ a​ minimum. Usually no links to​ other pages as​ additional information could distract the​ user or​ cause them to​ navigate away to​ a​ different website.

The headline in​ your squeeze page is​ the​ most important part for​ it​ is​ the​ first contact point with your website’s visitors. This is​ where you must captivate them with an​ attention grabbing headline which will compel them to​ continue reading your text. Your headline must be clear of​ what you are presenting and​ your copy must connect with your visitors on an​ emotional level.

A successful squeeze pages have been known to​ have conversion rates of​ 30-60% and​ some even higher. the​ conversion rates mentioned here are the​ percentages of​ visitors that choose to​ opt-in to​ a​ mailing list by filling in​ the​ form fields available.

Squeeze page is​ often used in​ conjunction with an​ email autoresponder to​ begin delivering information as​ soon as​ the​ visitor confirms their email address. the​ autoresponder may be utilized to​ send a​ series of​ follow up emails or​ to​ provide an​ immediate download link to​ get information.

Promising information upon completion of​ confirming their email address has proven to​ be an​ effective method of​ increasing opt-ins using Squeeze Pages. So for​ example, if​ your mailing list targets basketball you can offer basketball ebook / manual for​ free. Once your subscribers joined your email list, you need to​ mail responsibly otherwise you will lose subscribers as​ they opt out of​ your mailing list when you send irrelevant contents.

Enjoy and​ Profits!

Effendy Lie

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