The Importance Of A Well Designed Logo

You have one chance to​ make a​ first impression. Potential customers will form an​ opinion of​ a​ business within seconds. a​ company’s logo is​ therefore extremely influential, as​ it​ is​ almost always the first thing a​ customer will see. in​ addition, once a​ customer becomes familiar with a​ business, the company’s logo will always be associated with that company name, and in​ turn, the company name will be associated with the logo. For these reasons, a​ considerable amount of​ thought should go into choosing a​ logo.

A logo should be simple, recognizable, and effective at​ conveying the desired message to​ the public. Each aspect of​ a​ logo’s design should be carefully analyzed to​ ensure that it​ does in​ fact communicate the right message. The logo’s colors, style, size, shape, font (if it​ is​ a​ logotype), and overall design each play a​ part in​ the logo’s overall design, and are all important components to​ consider when creating an​ effective logo.

Color is​ immensely important, as​ color has a​ dramatic effect on an​ individual’s reaction to​ almost anything. Restaurants not only carefully choose the colors of​ their logos, but also carefully select the colors of​ the restaurant interior. in​ their case, color affects how appetizing a​ potential customer views their restaurant, and in​ turn can have a​ dramatic affect on the amount of​ business they receive. The colors of​ the logo or​ restaurant can be the reason a​ hungry customer chooses one establishment over another. Financial businesses and banks tend to​ choose strong conservative colors such as​ darker blues and reds, to​ convey stability, trust and success. in​ some cases, a​ particular color itself often becomes associated with a​ business. as​ the background for their logo, UPS has used the color brown, which is​ now generally associated with their company. Since the color brown communicates stability, they have been able to​ use the association as​ a​ way of​ conveying a​ message of​ reliability to​ their customers.

In addition to​ color, the general style of​ a​ logo will determine the overall feeling conveyed to​ the public. The logo’s style will determine whether people will view the business as​ conservative or​ trendy, casual or​ formal, expensive or​ low-priced, friendly or​ exclusive, etc. if​ a​ logo includes the actual company name, the font type used in​ the logo is​ part of​ its style as​ well, and will therefore also come into play by affecting an​ individual’s overall response to​ the logo.

Size is​ also important to​ consider. a​ logo will be used in​ large-scale settings such as​ advertisements, store-fronts and billboards, but will also be used for small-scale needs like email communication, websites, business cards and corporate stationery. a​ logo should be designed so that it​ will be effective and recognizable regardless its size.

Overall, a​ good logo is​ a​ vital part of​ a​ successful business, and much more influential than many people realize. Since individuals are often unaware of​ the effect logos have on their own decisions, they may also be unaware of​ the influence a​ well designed logo will have on their own business. By taking time to​ evaluate the different aspects of​ a​ logo, business owners can ensure that their company logo will have a​ much greater impact.

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