The Importance Of Web Directories

The Importance Of Web Directories

Every day, there is​ a​ growing number of​ web directories. Many wonder if​ the​ market is​ being oversaturated. While there are a​ lot of​ directories that are not very noteworthy, the​ others are absolutely worth using for​ both people doing searches, or​ for​ webmasters trying to​ promote their site.

Directories are very useful those who are searching for​ information and​ don’t want to​ use the​ big search engines, but are looking for​ perhaps a​ smaller, specialized site that may not rank on the​ first page or​ two of​ a​ given search.

If you have no more than a​ general idea of​ what you are looking for​ then you can use the​ search form when exploring a​ directory, remember that you are not searching the​ text of​ the​ actual WebPages of​ a​ particular site. Instead you are searching the​ text contained in​ the​ site title and​ the​ description of​ the​ site. These titles and​ descriptions are made by the​ websites owner and​ sometimes by the​ directory webmaster.

It is​ important to​ be sure that when you do the​ search, you use the​ option search within directory, and​ not search the​ net. if​ you choose search the​ net, it​ will take you to​ a​ major search engine and​ out of​ the​ directory that you have been using.

It is​ possible to​ look for​ a​ website by not using the​ search option. the​ first page of​ most directories has a​ list of​ general categories like arts, internet, health, etc. From there, you can click the​ category you want and​ it​ will take you to​ a​ list of​ subcategories which are more specific.

It is​ important to​ note that once you have entered the​ subcategory, the​ results are usually displayed by page rank, alphabetical order, or​ in​ chronological order of​ when the​ website was submitted to​ the​ directory.

Directories usually come in​ two forms, general, or​ niche. the​ general directory is​ good for​ basically all websites. an​ example of​ a​ general directory can be found at​ the​ niche websites are great for​ specializing in​ one specific theme. an​ example of​ this kind is​ the​ audiobook and​ ebook directory .

For webmasters, directories are a​ very important tool. One thing that submitting your website to​ a​ directory can do is​ bring increased traffic from people searching the​ directory for​ specific topics.

If you have a​ website selling baby clothes, and​ there is​ a​ person searching the​ directory for​ the​ category clothing, and​ then the​ subcategory babies, then they can find your site which is​ a​ fit for​ what they were looking for.

Another benefit of​ using for​ directories for​ webmaster is​ they can increase your page rank and​ can increase the​ trust that major search engines have in​ your site. the​ more quality incoming links to​ your site, then they higher your page rank will be and​ this will lead to​ your site listing higher on organic searches on major search engines.

While some may say there are too many web directories out there, I disagree. Directories are both useful for​ someone searching for​ a​ website that fits their need, and​ for​ webmasters who want to​ help promote their websites. if​ you have not yet discovered how a​ directory can help you, I urge you to​ get started on using them today.

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