The Importance Of Travel Insurance

The Importance Of Travel Insurance

You've finally saved to​ go on​ that dream holiday you​ have been planning. Now you're wondering if​ you​ should buy travel insurance. Do I need to​ go to​ the​ extra expense? All I can lose is​ my luggage,​ right?

Guess again! Anything can go wrong while you're traveling,​ and I strongly favor buying a​ policy.

Most travel insurance policies are designed for a​ variety of​ travel needs but,​ I emphatically advise reading the​ fine print of​ any policy you​ purchase regarding any deductibles and health situations. you​ many find your policy won't cover preexisting conditions that may cause a​ problem,​ or​ that the​ medical coverage is​ only for an​ injury or​ an​ illness -- not both. For emergency aid,​ travel insurance polices are generally dependable and affordable,​ but there's still a​ myriad of​ gaps in​ the​ coverage provided.

You can find polices designed for any type of​ trip you​ may be planning,​ such as​ a​ single trip for hunting,​ backpacking,​ cruises,​ house rentals,​ and a​ host of​ others. But,​ the​ specific types and amounts of​ coverage you​ get depend on​ the​ policy you​ choose. it​ is​ important to​ remember that you​ will only be covered for what is​ specifically stated in​ your policy and for nothing else.

Most policies cover trip cancellation,​ lost baggage,​ medical,​ dental,​ and accidental death coverage. Other policies include emergency evacuation,​ 24 hour travel assistance,​ and trip or​ baggage delay. you​ may even find policies that include options for collision or​ damage to​ rented cars and business conflicts. there's many options that can be covered,​ but you​ will have to​ ask.

The premiums for the​ policies are generally 5% to​ 7% the​ cost of​ your trip,​ but fees will vary depending on​ the​ your medical history and passengers ages. Many companies offer policies that will include coverage for children at​ no extra charge.

it is​ best not to​ buy your travel insurance from your tour operator. i have listed a​ few reasons why it​ may be better to​ purchase through an​ insurance company separately.

Most travel insurance policies offered by the​ operator are less flexible to​ your individual needs;

Provide a​ lower amount of​ coverage;

May only cover a​ portion of​ the​ trip;

Your coverage may be secondary and the​ insurance will only pay for what you​ own private health or​ homeowner's insurance does not cover;

May duplicate coverage you​ already have;

In the​ event the​ tour operator liquidates and goes belly up,​ you​ would lose not only your trip,​ but also your premium.

Many travel agents are not fully knowledgeable when it​ comes to​ understanding the​ details of​ various travel insurance policies and may overlook something that could be important to​ you​ or​ your relatives and few offer suggestions. Buying travel insurance may be less expensive purchasing through your tour operator or​ cruise line,​ but for the​ reasons listed above,​ you​ should check around.

If you​ do choose to​ buy your policy from your tour operator,​ be sure to​ use a​ credit card. Depending on​ the​ policy of​ the​ credit card issuer,​ you​ may be provided with protection against potential default of​ the​ operator.

When buying your policy from an​ insurance company:

Always get quotes from several companies

Ask if​ the​ plan is​ pre-packaged or​ if​ you​ can custom design your own

Can you​ waive the​ preexisting condition exclusion

Ask if​ you're covered for cancellation due to​ a​ terrorist incident. Don't count of​ the​ company to​ provide information

Ask any query you​ can dream up and

Do ask for suggestions

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