The Importance Of Sexual Health In Men And Women

The Importance Of Sexual Health In Men And Women

Being made as​ two different human species,​ a​ man and a​ woman is​ subject to​ compatibility and is​ made to​ connect with each other,​ often leading into intimate relationships and eventually,​ getting married. Many characteristics are taken into consideration. All couples are intended to​ share similar interests,​ such as​ in​ mental growth,​ spiritual growth,​ psychological aspects,​ and of​ course in​ a​ physical or​ a​ sharing of​ intimate moments. These are all considered normal by the​ society,​ since it​ is​ our nature as​ human beings. Intimacy begins as​ early as​ adolescence,​ believe it​ or​ not. But of​ course,​ teenagers begin to​ get curious sexually,​ as​ they grow old.

Getting into an​ intimate relationship,​ or​ if​ the​ couple is​ sexually active,​ usually involves an​ important factor that we​ really should take importance of,​ which is​ our sexual health,​ both for the​ man and the​ woman. There are differences on​ men and women,​ but sexual health is​ primarily important for the​ two.
The World Health Organization,​ (WHO),​ defines sexual health as​ “a state of​ sexuality connected to​ emotions,​ also as​ physical,​ mental and in​ social well-being; not only in​ absence of​ diseases,​ in​ a​ state of​ bad condition,​ nor dysfunction. Sexual health needs an​ optimistic,​ regardful approach to​ sexuality,​ and intimate relationships,​ considering also the​ expectation of​ having pleasurable and safe sexual occurences,​ without discrimination,​ coercion,​ and violence. in​ order to​ achieve and maintain sexual health,​ all the​ sexual rights of​ each person must be respected,​ defended,​ and fulfilled.”

In this case,​ sexual health is​ in​ tune to​ two different cases,​ man and woman. we​ differ in​ nature,​ mainly more on​ the​ physical aspects with regards to​ sexual health. a​ man's health in​ terms of​ sex usually refers to​ factors such as​ issues on​ prostate health,​ and also on​ chronic diseases,​ as​ well as​ reproductive and sexual functioning issues such as​ erectile dysfunction,​ or​ infertility. Aging,​ medications,​ and of​ course pleasure,​ are also considered. They often complain of​ illnesses such as​ erectile dysfunction,​ prostate problems,​ ejaculation issues,​ penis and testicular health,​ and infertility. Other sexual topics related to​ this includes: orgasm,​ pleasure,​ desire,​ masturbation,​ contraception,​ supplements and medications,​ and also their body image.

For the​ woman,​ it​ is​ mainly due to​ the​ fact that they are birth givers,​ which naturally takes place for them once or​ even more during their lifetime. Pregnancy is​ a​ major event for a​ woman and that alone should need a​ good record to​ track their health. Initially,​ both menstruation and breast health are critical to​ a​ woman's body. These may give sexual desire for men,​ but it​ is​ also important to​ be in​ good health for a​ normal and healthy offspring. During sexual activity,​ women sometimes feel pain,​ and this too should be considered as​ well. Gynecological concerns are important also,​ since it​ is​ the​ cleanliness and health of​ the​ woman's vagina. Other concerns also include desire,​ pleasure,​ orgasm,​ contraception,​ much similar to​ those of​ men.

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