The Importance Of Sets In Your Muscle Building Program

The Importance Of Sets In Your Muscle Building Program

In an​ earlier article we looked at​ how repetitions contribute to​ the muscle building process, but is​ the position regarding sets just as​ clear cut? Unfortunately, the answer to​ this is​ no as​ some experts feel one set to​ failure is​ sufficient, whereas others argue that multiple sets are needed to​ ensure maximum muscle gains.

Research to​ date suggests that, when using six to​ eight repetitions to​ failure at​ 75-80% 1RM, there is​ little significant difference between training with single and multiple sets in​ terms of​ increasing either strength or​ muscle size. Any small differences that have been recorded indicate that a​ single set completed to​ failure encourages strength gains but subsequent sets have a​ slightly greater impact on muscle size. What is​ clear is​ that the law of​ diminishing returns applies, so you have to​ question if​ the marginal improvements in​ size justify the extra time and effort expended.

Like everything else in​ life, bodybuilding does not remain static and several cutting edge experts have redefined the boundaries of​ achievement. Increasingly, serious athletes are using methods that extend the set beyond the point of​ failure. This involves forcing the muscle to​ perform more work despite having experienced failure in​ the previous rep. in​ practice, you perform one last forced repetition with the help of​ a​ training partner.

This obviously calls for great commitment and high motivation but the rewards include better mass gains thanks to​ the greater muscular overload. Such intensive training places additional importance on the need to​ lift with sound technique and to​ incorporate sufficient recovery time into your muscle building program.

The Importance Of Sets In Your Muscle Building Program

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