The Importance Of Content Adding A Weblog To Your Site

The Importance Of Content Adding A Weblog To Your Site

Continuing my theme of​ how as​ a​ small business you can improve your search engine results. in​ a​ previous article I extolled the​ virtues of​ article writing and​ in​ this one I shall consider the​ practicalities and​ usefulness of​ adding a​ weblog to​ your site in​ order to​ drive more traffic to​ your web pages.

I am presuming that you have optimised your site, added numerous pages of​ content and​ update or​ add to​ that content at​ least on a​ weekly basis. All of​ this I did with our own website but still the​ search engines only visited the​ site about every 4 – 6 weeks. So although our content was being added to​ sometimes on a​ daily basis I couldn’t induce the​ Google spider in​ particular to​ visit the​ site more often even though I was submitting sitemaps to​ Google.which informed it​ of​ these updates.

I then started reading about the​ benefits to​ businesses of​ having a​ weblog attached to​ the​ site. SEO’s were and​ still do wax lyrical about how search engines just love weblogs. On this basis I decided to​ give it​ a​ go and​ looked around at​ the​ various free blog sites and​ finally settled on as​ this site allowed the​ blog to​ be integrated into the​ website and​ offered a​ multitude of​ templates to​ choose from. So I chose my template and​ went through the​ process of​ integration with the​ website which is​ a​ very simple and​ easy process to​ follow. the​ next step was to​ start writing the​ blog. Very quickly I discovered that it​ was the​ ideal vehicle for​ announcing new services, new products and​ new branch openings as​ well as​ informing the​ readers of​ our day to​ day activities and​ experiences. All of​ it​ is​ excellent content and​ the​ SEO’s were quite correct in​ that the​ search engine spiders do love it. So much so that the​ googlebot spider visits everyday to​ update the​ web pages and​ the​ weblog. This now means that when my content changes or​ new pages are added they are immediately indexed by Google. This has done wonders for​ the​ search engine placement of​ the​ site.

The second benefit that SEO’s talked about was the​ increased number of​ links that having a​ blog would bring in. This part I didn’t quite believe as​ I couldn’t see how it​ would do this. I am still not certain of​ how and​ why it​ does attract links but the​ truth of​ the​ matter is​ that it​ does. the​ articles and​ the​ weblog seem to​ inhabit a​ world of​ their own and​ they certainly take on a​ life which you have no control over. However the​ combined effect is​ to​ boost your own content, attract search engines to​ visit your site frequently, increase the​ number of​ backlinks to​ your site and​ increase the​ number of​ visitors. All of​ which are of​ tremendous benefit to​ you as​ a​ business.

The latest figures I saw published for​ the​ number of​ businesses with weblogs was only 2%. So all you small businesses out there with a​ website, get writing articles and​ add a​ weblog to​ your site. Keep that updated, preferably on a​ daily basis, and​ you will soon see dramatic effects both on your visitor numbers and​ your search engine placement.

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