The Importance Of Baby Sleep

The Importance Of Baby Sleep

All living creatures need sleep. Sleeping gives people and all living creatures the time for the body to​ recuperate and regenerate. Lion's needs 16 to​ 18 hours of​ sleep, while primates, ten to​ twelve hours of​ sleep. Humans need on average six to​ eight hours sleep to​ rejuvenate. Human babies need a​ full eight hours of​ sleep and naps in​ between.

The body uses sleep as​ a​ way to​ regenerate cells and refresh the brain and overall aids in​ the development of​ our body, mind, and health. During our sleep, the human body can regenerate hair follicles, fingernails, toenails and even the outer covering of​ the skin. This happens because of​ the automatic pilot that is​ built into our bodies. People tend to​ think that the body only needs to​ recharge spent energy on the day's work but in​ truth the body works the regeneration cycle much faster when the brain does not control much action.

Babies therefore need their sleeping time to​ develop muscles, limbs, and skeletal structure. in​ order to​ achieve a​ good night's sleep for your baby, it​ is​ important that your baby have comfortable and inviting bedding. The secret to​ a​ good bed is​ one that feels just right. Beds that are to​ big may make your little one feel insecure. Your baby's bed should be cozy and offer security for them to​ get a​ good night sleep. Selecting the proper bedding should also be a​ concern. The bedding should be easy to​ touch and feel cozy. Bedding that is​ to​ stiff or​ even to​ fluffy decreases your baby's comfort level and therefore reduces his/her sleep time. We would want our babies to​ enjoy their beds and consider it​ a​ place of​ security.

Try to​ make your baby's sleeping experience a​ pleasant one. Bedding should be inviting to​ the eye. There are so many wonderful patterns and fabrics on the market today that choosing the right bedding should not be to​ difficult. Remember that your baby needs enough rest to​ stimulate his/her growth and development and when this is​ achieved, your baby can reach his full potential.

The Importance Of Baby Sleep

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