The Importance Of Application Protocol Behavior Testing To Accurate Network Assessment

The Importance of​ Application & Protocol Behavior Testing To Accurate Network Assessment
Awareness of​ performance problems in​ a​ large enterprise network comes from different sources .​
Sometimes it​ is​ a​ monitoring tool and​ sometimes it​ is​ complaints from business users.
Monitoring tool notifications stay within IT--quietly .​
With all the​ alligators to​ shoot, such issues may be left for​ a​ quieter time .​
Nevertheless, since those alligators reproduce so quickly—that quiet time may never come .​
Besides, such tools usually focus on Server Down, Switch Down alerts and​ cannot perceive the​ far more subtle signs of​ a​ problem.
Business user complaints are visible -- frequently high profile -- involve Business User engagement .​
Such problems are discussed in​ management conferences and​ must be addressed quickly—and—successfully .​
Even if​ there are no alerts from you monitoring system—they must be addressed .​
After all, those automatic alerts (if they triggered at​ all) are not really focused on the​ User Experience .​
When a​ human being is​ having trouble performing their job, which feeds their family, for​ any reason—they do not want to​ hear statistics.
A standard Network Assessment is​ usually a​ review of​ Network Architecture -- Bandwidth Utilization / Errors .​
All important information—but third hand information at​ best.
Business Users see & feel how the​ Application ITSELF utilizes the​ Network—how it​ actually rides your LAN and​ WAN .​
This is​ first hand information.
Unfortunately, this perspective gets minimal attention in​ a​ standard Network Assessment process.
This assessment methodology provides a​ two-pronged approach.
Simultaneously assess:
- Network Architecture
- Bandwidth Utilization
- Errors
* How the​ critical Applications utilize the​ network themselves -- from the​ Packet Level.
* Use tools such as​ Sniffer / Ethereal / WireShark as​ well as​ many other proprietary and​ open-source tools.
* Identify All delays regardless of​ source (Network, Application, Servers, Database, OS, etc.)
* Quantify this data to​ the​ byte and​ the​ microsecond.
* Compare these results to​ the​ data from our Network Architecture Assessment.
* the​ Interpath of​ every application is​ reviewed -- from Switch Port to​ Switch Port -- Router to​ Router.
* Network Protocol behavior is​ evaluated regarding Network Transport times, TCP Tuning -- discovered issues.
This two-pronged approach -- capturing the​ actual way Applications behave on the​ Network -- from multiple locations -- and​ comparing it​ to​ the​ Network Architecture -- provides Clear Understanding of​ the​ causes of​ the​ problems and​ provides a​ path for​ resolution.
- It is​ a​ Departmentally Neutral approach.
- It does not assume the​ problem is​ network based -- although it​ analyzes the​ network.
- It does not assume the​ problem is​ the​ application -- although the​ application’s network behavior is​ measured.
All results are quantified and​ objective .​
They allow all departments come together onto the​ same point of​ view -- resolving the​ technical problem -- as​ well as​ the​ political one.
In many cases, the​ problem is​ one of​ balance .​
Neither the​ Network -- Application -- or​ any other single source is​ the​ cause .​
If you are only looking from the​ perspective of​ the​ Application Support Department, or​ Network Support—you will not discover issues that span multiple areas of​ responsibility.
This Assessment Methodology will uncover the​ truth regardless of​ the​ cause of​ the​ problems .​
Then diplomatically provide detailed documentation and​ guidance (if requested) on a​ path towards Resolution.
The Importance Of Application Protocol Behavior Testing To Accurate Network Assessment The Importance Of Application Protocol Behavior Testing To Accurate
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