The History Of Vitamins

The History Of Vitamins

It may seem that the​ significance of​ vitamins to​ nutrition health has been known for a​ significant amount of​ time. However,​ it​ wasn't until the​ 15th century that scientists began to​ realize that nutrients found in​ various foods could improve health. the​ classic realization is​ the​ one of​ sailors who suffered from scurvy and improved their condition by eating citrus fruits. to​ discover the​ exact benefits a​ particular food would provide,​ scientists simulated conditions of​ nutrient deficiency using animals. These experiments were carried out by feeding the​ animals one specific type of​ food for an​ extended period of​ time. in​ all cases the​ animals' health declined; some became seriously ill and some died. For those that became ill,​ the​ scientists fed them various nutrients until their health improved.

In the​ early 1900s,​ British chemist and Nobel Prize winner Frederick Gowland Hopkins concluded from his research that the​ human body needed a​ certain amount of​ specific substances to​ live. Casimir Funk,​ a​ biochemist from Poland who worked closely with Hopkins,​ conducted an​ experiment with polished and unpolished rice. the​ results of​ his experiments coupled with what Hopkins discovered led him to​ coin the​ term "vitamin" to​ represent the​ crucial supplemental substances necessary for growth. it​ would only take thirty years after their discoveries for chemists to​ begin synthesizing (commercially producing) the​ vitamins that we​ know today.

Since the​ early discoveries,​ there have been many developments in​ understanding the​ value of​ vitamins. the​ most recent development is​ that taking a​ multivitamin every day can decrease an​ individual's risk for conditions such as​ osteoporosis,​ cardiovascular disease,​ and cancer. the​ vitamin industry is​ probably a​ multi-billion dollar industry. Just visit any nutrition center or​ grocery store that sells vitamins and you will see shelf after shelf of​ vitamins. There are vitamin preparations for just about ever type of​ health condition and nutritional need. the​ reports of​ the​ benefits of​ vitamins are outstanding,​ but indicate that there may be more to​ discover about vitamins and their benefits on​ human life.

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The History Of Vitamins

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