The History Of Montessori Education

The History Of Montessori Education

In 1907, Maria Montessori founded the first Montessori school in​ Rome. Its overall purpose was to​ give four to​ seven year old children from low-income families a​ full-day educational program.

The idea quickly developed and grew in​ popularity and thus more Montessori schools were formed in​ Europe and India. it​ did not take long for the school method to​ cross over to​ the United States of​ America.

In fact, Montessori's teaching methods created great interest in​ the United States from 1910 through 1920. Unfortunately, Montessori's methods seem to​ be largely forgotten in​ the United States until the late 1950s.

It was around that time when a​ second Montessori movement started in​ America. This time, the main focus was on a​ set of​ private schools that served an​ almost entirely middle-class population.

The Montessori educational system struggled with it's own success when it​ started having trouble finding enough teachers. in​ fact, it​ took that teacher shortage to​ start the creation of​ free-standing private Montessori teacher training centers. Each of​ these centers were not associated with any college or​ university and taught the Montessori teaching methods to​ aspiring educators.

In the late 1960s, some parents started to​ call for the public schools in​ their local areas to​ offer the Montessori education model for their elementary school children who had graduated from private Montessori pre-schools.

The public's rush of​ support was given a​ boost by government funds being made available for new Montessori programs starting up in​ public school areas. Today, over one hundred U.S. school districts have some type of​ Montessori program.

But just why has Montessori become so popular ? Many believe it​ is​ due to​ the program's ability to​ overcome three major problems that the public school systems are still faced with. While the public school system has been put into a​ state of​ upheaval, the Montessori school systems have flourished.

Using their unique teaching methods, Montessori students have demonstrated a​ consistently high level of​ reading comprehension and academic performance. in​ the book "Montessori Parents Guide", we dive deeper into how a​ Montessori program is​ powerfully unique and sets itself aside from current teaching methods.

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