The Hidden Dangers Of Taking Vitamins

The Hidden Dangers of​ Taking Vitamins
Vitamins and supplements are common solutions to​ many relevant health issues. Moreover,​ government research has shown that over half of​ American adults take nutritional supplements daily. Yet each year,​ millions of​ people take these substances in​ the​ wrong dosages,​ in​ improper combinations or​ as​ part of​ fad remedies or​ diets.
Taking the​ wrong supplement is​ not just a​ matter of​ missing out on​ the​ benefits. in​ fact,​ thousands of​ patients experience serious side effects and illness from offtheshelf vitamin and herbal solutions. in​ the​ case of​ the​ dietary supplement Ephedra,​ which has been used to​ help people lose weight or​ increase energy,​ there have been over 80 deaths linked to​ its use.
Some people also have exposed themselves to​ possible overdoses by taking a​ combination of​ herbal and vitamin supplements that contain overlapping doses of​ nutrients. Excessive doses of​ vitamin A,​ for example,​ can cause liver and nerve damage,​ bone loss and birth defects. Yet many offtheshelf supplements contain more than twice the​ daily dosage of​ vitamin a​ that is​ considered safe.
Similarly,​ vitamin D can be so toxic when it​ is​ taken in​ large doses that it​ can cause the​ body to​ overabsorb calcium,​ even pulling it​ from the​ bones and potentially causing a​ wide range of​ serious health problems.
Because of​ the​ limited regulation in​ the​ supplement industry,​ some vitamins contain lead,​ which is​ toxic for the​ human body.
Recognizing the​ dangers linked to​ supplements and the​ confusion about taking such products,​ companies such as​ American Health Sciences developed supplement lines that work best when taken together and that are recommended by doctors nationwide.
The Clinicians Choice line,​ for instance,​ is​ a​ family of​ toxinfree supplements designed to​ be taken together to​ efficiently deliver the​ purest essential vitamins and minerals directly to​ where the​ body needs them.
These pharmaceuticalgrade supplements were created by a​ team of​ over 30 doctors with their patients health and needs in​ mind and are manufactured to​ the​ highest standards possible.

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