The Great Joys Of Shopping In France

The Great Joys Of Shopping In France

Shopping in​ France

France is​ the​ ultimate shopping destination for​ the​ sophisticated consumer. it​ offers everything from the​ ultimate in​ haute couture to​ perfumes to​ wines and​ cheeses. and​ shopping in​ France is​ not the
utilitarian experience it​ can be elsewhere. Rather it's a​ serious activity that demands attention and​ a​ certain flair.

First we look at​ Paris where the​ shops make up an​ important part of​ the​ fabric of​ the​ city's cultural identity. Then we'll head to​ Bordeaux which offers more than just its famous wines.

Shopping in​ Paris

Think of​ Paris and​ you think of​ designer fashions, perfumes, and​ accessories with brand names famous for​ their chic the​ world over. But of​ course they come with hefty price tags. Here's a​ tip. Bargain seekers should do their window shopping at​ the​ grand fashion houses to​ get a​ feel of​ what's in​ vogue. Then head to​ the​ budget shops and​ markets to​ get similar items at​ pennies on the​ dollar.

If you're short on time you can get all your designer labels under one roof at​ one of​ the​ large French department stores. the​ two queens, les grands magasins Printemps and​ Galeries Lafayette, sit side-by-side on Boulevard Haussmann in​ the​ 9th arrondissement. Fully exploring them could take days.

If you want the​ real Paris shopping experience, head for​ one of​ the​ unique wonders of​ the​ city – the​ galleries or​ passages. These are glass-roofed shopping arcades that date back to​ the​ 19th century. They ooze charm and​ transform rainy days into episodes of​ romance and​ discovery.

Don't' forget that Sundays are closing days for​ most stores in​ Paris. But fear not, one of​ the​ city’s many flea markets will provide a​ great alternative shopping experience.

Shopping in​ Bordeaux

Bordeaux is​ truly one of​ Europe's best kept shopping secrets. in​ the​ scenic charm of​ the​ city you'll find the​ world's most popular brand names: Cartier and​ Rolex for​ watches, Hermes and​ Christian Lacroix for​ fabrics and​ clothes, Louis Vuitton for​ luggage, Mont Blanc for​ pens, the​ list is​ endless.

Bordeaux is​ home to​ the​ longest pedestrianised street in​ Europe. Rue St. Catherine runs from the​ stately Place de la Comedie to​ the​ student district near the​ place de la Victoire. and​ its entire length is​ graced with some of​ the​ country's premier shopping outlets.

Bordeaux's epicenter for​ shopping is​ known fittingly as​ the​ Golden Triangle. This triangle contains the​ prime shopping zones of​ the​ Allées de Tourny, the​ Cours de l'Intendance and​ the​ Cours Clemenceau. in​ its heart is​ the​ Place des Grands-Hommes, where you'll find Bordeaux's most prestigious outlets.

If such luxury doesn't tempt you, don't worry. Bordeaux is​ home to​ a​ plethora of​ chain stores that offer good value purchases. and​ the​ local boutiques offer distinctive items without the​ brand name mark ups.

And of​ course don't forget the​ wine. the​ Bordeaux region is​ France's premier wine making area and​ you can get sublime local vintages by the​ bottle or​ by the​ case.

The Great Joys Of Shopping In France

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